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The Crust rises to Early Access


Jun 16, 2024

We love a success story. Success is something that can be seen in many different ways and I think that too often we measure the success of a title on the number of sales and the, (not always warranted,) hype surrounding it. We forget the journey that so many titles have to travel before they can even hit a storefront. This being said props need to be given to a game garnering enough interest to make it through a Kickstarter and appear in Early Access. This is often the beginning of something special and even though this title is eons away from being the next big hit it has life and a real chance; something that deserves to be acknowledged. Today’s game is a brand new PC offering called The Crust, and although it still has a long way to go it’s about to make its presence known to a wider audience.

Published by Crytivo and developed by the clever folk at VEOM Studio, The Crust is just about ready to come out of a successful Kickstarter and move into Early Access for us all to see. The planned date for the migration is July 15th. I’m obviously going to tell you what this game is all about in a sec, but if you want to bookmark the Steam page now, you can do that here.

In The Crust, players will be invited to take their place in their new home on the moon. Inspired by games such as Rimworld and Factorio, The Crust merges factory automation with colonist management against the backdrop of a hopeless humanity left destitute on Earth. You’ll need to build a successful mining operation on the lunar surface and create a functioning habitat for your workers if you’re going to win the day.

It will be your task to mine and manage resources from beneath the surface of the moon. You will also need to build and automate factories while researching new technologies to aid in your task. You’ll be able to select your poison from three research trees with over fifty different projects to take part in., so there should be plenty for you to go at.

You obviously can’t make any industry function without people and managing your colonists in The Crust will be as important as outfitting the factories themselves. You’ll need to assemble and manage a team of experts, leveraging their skills to optimize production while meeting their own individual needs in the process. You’ll need to use diplomacy as well as having a good grasp on the sociological aspects as trade will also very much be to your benefit if you can pull other factions to your side.

Those of you who are a little bit more adventure-minded will also be able to launch expeditions to uncover lunar mysteries, explore remote objects, abandoned structures, and unique lunar formations. The Crust should have a little bit of everything for the building strategy fans amongst you.

The Crust sounds like a really interesting take on industry management with plenty of facets to make for varied play. If this sounds like something that might just be up your alley you’ll be able to fly to the moon in just under a month’s time.

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