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Roblox Find The Keys Toilet Key Guide


Feb 12, 2024

Feature image for our Find The Keys Toilet Key guide. It shows the shelves in the bedroom world where the key is located.

One of the keys in the bedroom evading your eagle eye? It’s in the bedroom, but seems like it might be more at home in the bathroom. Our Roblox Find The Keys Toilet Key Guide goes over exactly how to locate the item.

Find The Keys is a Roblox game where you set out to hunt down the hidden items scattered all across different rooms. The rooms are sized up so you’ve got a bit of ground to cover on the way. Hop across the house and look in every corner. There are several different worlds, each with a number of keys to find.

Lost? Don’t worry, each key comes with a little hint about where it is. If that’s not enough to find it.. well that’s where we come it. Let us know any other problem keys in the comments and we’ll try and point you in exactly the right direction.

Want to try it out? Check out Find The Keys on Roblox. Want some more Roblox guides? We’ve got one on how to fly in Animal Simulator.

Roblox Find The Keys Toilet Key Guide

So, where’s the key? Follow the steps to find out exactly where to go. You can also check the image for a decent indication.

  • Load into the Bedroom world. (World 4).
  • Jump off the right of the blue ramp onto the bedroom floor and head toward the shelf unit with the cars and toy soldiers on.
  • Head up the ramp on the right.
  • Walk into the wall at the top of the ramp.
  • Move along the walk, moving forwards until you find an area where you can walk through the wall.
  • Hop up to grab the Toilet Key.

That’s the Toilet Key in your hands. You’ve still got a few to pick up, though. Get going!

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