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Dark Forces Remaster Xbox achievements reveal a possible easy 1,000G


Feb 12, 2024

Nightdive Studios is primed to launch Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on February 28, offering us a refreshed battle against the Dark Stormtroopers with the addition of 29 Xbox achievements.Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster rebuilds the classic 1995 first-person shooter, offering up to 4K resolutions and frame rates as high as 120fps. You play as Kyle Kataran, a Galactic Empire defector who joins the Rebel’s covert operations team to infiltrate the Empire. Katarn soon uncovers the Empire’s Dark Trooper Project, which it’s using to create new battle droids and powered Stormtrooper armor, and begins unraveling their plans for the Rebel cause.Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster Xbox achievementsThere are 29 Star Wars: Dark Trooper Remaster achievements with 1,000 Gamerscore up for grabs when blasting your way through the Empire’s schemes, and it appears that the majority of them are story related. Name Description GamerscoreThis Is Too Easy Steal the Death Star plans 25The Moldy Crow (HWK-290) Return to your ship on the roof of the base 15Rodent Exterminator Destroy a Mouse Droid 10Talay Tak Base Handy Man Find and restart the hydro-electric power generator 10Loose and Incomplete Find some evidence of the Dark Trooper 25Smells Like Progress Enter the Sewer 10I See You Pickup the Infrared Goggles 10No Handshake Needed. Let’s Go! Find the arms dealer Moff Rebus 25Aurebesh Pickup Code Key 5 10What the Phrik? Obtain a sample of the metal used in Dark Trooper production 25Volatile Reaction Set a sequencer charge on the reactor 15Not Fit For Service Destroy the Phase 01 Dark Trooper 25No More Detention Rescue Crix Madine 75Space Spycraft Place a tracking device on the smuggler’s ship 10The Terminator Blow up the Robotics Facility 25Who Put That There? Find the Ice Cleats 10Captured! Find Imperial Navigational Evidence 25Dragon Puncher Defeat a Kell Dragon with your bare hands 100The Force Not Required Find your gear 15It Won’t Be The Last Time Rescue Jan Ors 100This Looks Important! Locate the Nava Card 25A “Safe” Space Locate the I.S.O building 15Vault Cracker Break into the vault and use the Nava Card 30Sarlacc’s Snack Defeat Boba Fett! 100New Upgrade. But Same Result Destroy the Phase 02 Dark Trooper 25Drive It Like You Stole It Hijack the smuggler’s ship 25Headed In The Right Direction Reach the cargo shuttle bay 15Don’t Mohc Me Defeat General Mohc! 100The Final Hammer Blow Destroy the Arc Hammer 100Looking at the list, almost all of the achievements seem to be directly linked to mission objectives you have to complete as you progress through the game, while others, such as Dragon Puncher for defeating the Kell Dragon with your bare hands, are likely story-related achievements.As per TA user bblcreator8790 it seems there are several Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster achievements that probably won’t be unlocked by playing through the story, as they appear to be random pick-ups. When making your way through the game, keep an eye out for these three achievements:Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster launches on February 28, but if retro shooters aren’t your thing, take a look at our list of the best Xbox FPS games to see if there are any gems you might have missed.

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