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Vampire Survivors next bit of DLC is a highly-suspicious collab with Among Us


Dec 11, 2023

No matter which indie game you look at, Among Us seems to be everywhere, as the violent beans are now making their way to Vampire Survivors.

It’s no secret that Vampire Survivors was one of 2022’s best games, and the last year has just seen improvement after improvement, like the new free story mode. Yesterday, during Day of the Devs’ Game Awards stream, developer poncle announced its next bit of DLC, and it’s a bit of a doozy: aptly titled Emergency Meeting, this next bit of paid content for the unique bullet hell game features the tiny, funny cast of Among Us. You’ll have nine “totally trustworthy new characters” to choose from, which are basically just different coloured Among Us beans, and there’ll be 15 new weapons too. You can check out the amazingly animated reveal trailer below!

Each Among Us character has unique abilities, like Ghost Lino who can float through walls, and can’t receive damage, though apparently can’t deal damage either, and Guardian Pina, who boosts the defence of all nearby allies. Weapons wise, there’s the Report! weapon which blasts enemies away with “supermassive sound waves,” and you can “drop duplicitous foes to their doom with Just Vent.”

On top of that, there’s a brand new stage: Polus Replica. “This planet is packed with bizarre biomes ripe for exploration by Survivors and Crewmates, with tasks and treasure chests galore,” describes a press release. “Unfortunately, it’s also accidentally being invaded by your average space dwellers, like aliens, robots, and ducks. Expect the unexpected and do NOT trust the bins. Never trust the bins. Or the chicken nuggets. In fact, it’s a good idea to remain alert at all times and not trust anything.”

This new bit of DLC is due out December 18 on both PC and Xbox, and will set you back a very affordable £2, or $2.50. Seems like the perfect thing to keep your Among-Us-loving kids busy this Christmas, if you ask me.

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