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Day of the Dev’s Game Awards stream had plenty of Game Pass reveals


Dec 11, 2023

There’s nothing better than a whole bunch of Xbox Game Pass reveals, and yesterday’s Day of the Devs’ The Game Awards stream had plenty of ’em.

With a rotating selection of new games coming in and out every month, there’s pretty much always something to look forward to when it comes to Xbox Game Pass. Day of the Devs’ The Game Award stream proved that that isn’t changing any time soon, as a bunch of games were confirmed to be coming to the subscription service. First up is Flock, an incredibly charming looking multiplayer co-op game all about flying around on some funny looking creatures from the devs behind games like Hohokum, Wilmot’s Warehouse, and I Am Dead. There’s no release date on this one, but you can already try out a demo on Steam – and whenever it does launch, it’ll be available on PlayStation and Switch too.

Next up there’s the latest game from the devs behind games like Gone Home and Tacoma, Open Roads, finally launching on February 22 next year. This one follows Tess Devine, a young woman who’s never had an easy relationship with her mother, as they head out on a road trip to uncover “deep-rooted family secrets.” As well as Xbox, Open Road will be coming to PlayStation, Switch, and PC. Worth noting that one of the former leads behind the project, Steve Gaynor, is no longer attached to the project, following allegations of toxic workplace behaviour, now being developed by Open Roads Team instead.

Lastly, there’s the incredibly stylish looking Nirvana Noir, a surprising follow-up to 2021’s Genesis Noir. “A noir adventure beyond time and space,” reads the trailer’s description. “The city of cosmic beings is under threat in two parallel realities – one where the Big Bang was never fired, the other exploding in color and sin. It’s up to you to solve the mysteries of the Bigger Bang.” If that isn’t a convincing description, I don’t know what is. Alongside Xbox Game Pass, it’ll also be coming to PC via Steam.

Alongside the Day of the Devs stream, there was another Game Awards stream from Wholesome Games, where we got another Game Pass confirmation in the form of Lightyear Frontier. If you’re a fan of Titanfall, Stardew Valley, and farming sims in general, this one seems like a great fit, as it literally lets you roam around in a mech as you slowly build up a farm of your own on a peaceful world. Lightyear Frontier will be heading into early access next March, 2024, and alongside Xbox Game Pass, it’ll also be available on PC.

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