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Sega is teasing a “new era, new energy,” for The Game Awards, whatever that means


Dec 3, 2023

Sega appears to have sent letters to numerous content creators where it’s been teasing a “new era, new energy,” at next week’s The Game Awards.

Earlier this week, Twitch streamer CuriousJoi shared a video showing a letter she received from Sega saying that she should “make sure to tune in to The Game Awards December 7th.” Aside from the aforementioned tagline, there weren’t any other details provided about what we could expect to see at the awards show, so all we really know right now is that Sega is announcing… something. One thing to note is that it appears only particular content creators received the letter, specifically those who make content about fighting games.

Fellow streamer Maximilian Dood also apparently received a letter, and when he asked if anyone other than fighting game players received one, YouTuber Games Cage noted that he covers Sonic a lot but didn’t receive one. That has led some to believe it’ll be some kind of fighting game announcement, with many speculating that we could see a new Virtual Fighter. Or maybe it will be Sega’s “super game” which still isn’t particularly clear either. At the very least, almighty ruler of The Game Awards himself Geoff Keighley did confirm this Sega announcement is “not a promo for a Sonic themed energy drink,” so you can take that one off your bingo card.

The Game Awards is kicking things off December 7, and obviously we don’t know what will be announced just yet (though we won’t see the tacky “world premier” title cards anymore). We do know all of the games up for awards, with Alan Wake 2 and Baldur’s Gate 3 taking the lead at eight nominations each. Xbox has been teasing some “important announcements” too, again, whatever that means, so take of that what you will. At least we know a certain Rockstar game won’t be revealed there.

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