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Sea of Thieves’ private servers will finally let you pirate in peace next week


Dec 3, 2023

After a long wait, Sea of Thieves is finally adding in private servers when the game’s next update arrives next week.

Players have been asking for a way to play Sea of Thieves privately pretty much since the game launched in 2018, and after all that time, as part of season 10’s third update, Safe Seas will be available to all next Thursday, December 7. With this update, players will now be able to form crews of up to four players, as usual, on a private server, with all of the PvE content available to play through. The game’s main mode, which includes PvP, is being renamed to High Seas, and it is important to note that there are a number of differences between the two aside from the privacy.

Guilds, Hourglass Factions, and events like Gold & Glory won’t be available in Safer Seas mode, which does make sense considering how much that involves people playing together and against each other. Players also won’t be able to progress past level 40 for Trading Companies, so anyone that hasn’t become a Pirate Legend won’t be able to through Safer Seas – they’ll have to switch back to High Seas for that.

One of the potentially more frustrating decisions made by developer Rare is that players that have already reached Captain status can’t use custom ships in Safer Seas. Possibly worse than that is the fact that players will only earn 30% of the gold they normally would in High Seas, which potentially feels a little too much on the stingy side. Sure, Safer Seas players don’t have to worry about looting as much, but that’s quite the reduction in turnover.

Sea of Thieves Season 10 arrived back in October, adding in plenty of new things to do like the Skull of Siren Song voyage, as well as being able to make your own guild.

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