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New Xbox games — December 4 to 10


Dec 3, 2023

Another 27 new Xbox games are coming to the platform next week across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. This includes notable releases such as new Game Pass addition While the Iron’s Hot on December 5, the massive Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora on December 7, and new PC Game Pass title Against the Storm on December 8. December is also a pretty big month for Xbox Game Pass. To see whats on the horizon, be sure to check out our hefty list of announced games coming to Game Pass for December and beyond. Here’s a breakdown of everything coming to the world of Xbox next week. Let us know which of these you’re planning on picking up in the comments!December 4Make Way — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneSpeed around loops, dart through train crossings, drift around helter skelters, and unleash wacky weaponry in this modern take on classic top-down multiplayer racing games. The twist? You build the track.December 5Born of Bread — Xbox Series X|SBorn of Bread is a wacky and joyful RPG Adventure, revisiting turn-based combat tropes.Play as Loaf, a flour-golem discovering this enchanting world full of humor, along with a colorful cast of buddies.Chessarama — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneChessarama is a collection of chess-inspired puzzle and strategy games that use chess pieces and their established move sets, then reimagines their goals and themes. Solve challenges, unlock collectibles, and compete against each other on the leaderboards. Welcome to Chessarama!While the Iron’s Hot — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneReforge a blacksmith’s village on an isle of the land’s finest artisans! Step into the boots of an expert smith for a crafty adventure filled with mystery and charm. Explore the land of Ellian, and prove that a hammer, anvil, and your wits can overcome any challenge.Parkitect: Deluxe Edition — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneLaika: Aged Through Blood — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneDecember 6Battle Stations Blockade — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneArm the turrets and take aim as you take command of a gunboat in dangerous waters!Take command of a gunboat on an urgent mission to intercept stolen military intelligence and destroy the enemy’s advanced weapon systems! Battle Stations Blockade is an intense 3D rail shooter presented in voxel style. Receive orders and then set out on treacherous waters as you control a pair of gun turrets, shooting down aircraft, destroying boats and battleships, clearing mines, taking out paratroopers and more.But watch your health! Each turret has a damage meter that will need to be replenished by eliminating targets, or you’ll fail the mission. Complete your assignments to climb in rank and unlock better weapons for your gunboat turrets, enabling you to shoot for even higher scores. Man both turrets in solo play or team up with a friend in local co-op!Forklift Extreme: Deluxe Edition — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, WindowsThis unique forklift simulator puts you in the driver’s seat, with highly-detailed physics that mimic the movement and handling of real machines. Master a variety of vehicles with unique handling characteristics and tackle a wide range of challenges. Explore many warehouse environments, each with its own distinct design. Pick up and move cargo, navigate tight corners and narrow aisles, and complete challenging missions that will put your operator skills to the test.Forklift Extreme has something for everyone, including various gameplay modes to keep you on your toes. With the Deluxe Edition, you’ll get six DLCs packed with new levels and skins to keep the fun going!It’s the ultimate forklift simulation experience.December 7Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora — Xbox Series X|SAvatar: Frontiers of Pandora is a first person, action-adventure game developed by Massive Entertainment – a Ubisoft studio, in collaboration with Lightstorm Entertainment and Disney.Clockwork Aquario — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneAfter almost 30 years of development purgatory, Westone’s hidden arcade Gem is finally being brought to light! In this incredible collaboration between ININ, Strictly Limited Games and the original Westone developers, the unfinished ROM has been dug up and completed in its full glory. Not only does this Gem feature large character sprites, beautiful animations and vibrant colors, Clockwork Aquario holds the Guinness World Record for the longest time between the start of a video game project and its release!Play as Huck Rondo, Elle Moon or robot Gush through the stages of this mystical world to stop Dr. Hangyo from taking over! In this jump and run, pick up and throw your enemies, rack up multipliers to boost your high score and play with friends in a dedicated two-player local coop. Will you collaborate to take down Dr. Hangyo or try to sabotage each other to get the high score?• The one-of-a-kind arcade classic officially revived and fully completed!• Imaginative levels with beautiful pixel graphics!• Easy to pick up, addictive side-scroller action!• Gorgeous soundtrack by Westone legend Shinichi Sakamoto!• Includes a gallery with concept art and other goodies!Cotton 100% — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneOnce again, the world has fallen into darkness and the fairy, Silk, sets out to look for help. She crosses paths with the young witch, Nata de Cotton, who seems rather uninterested in helping her… That is until Silk tells her that giant Willows, a magical candy that Cotton is addicted to, are waiting for her along the way! So, the two set out to destroy the evil that is causing the darkness… and to eat Willows!Released in 1994, Cotton 100% is based on the original Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams. It offers a stunning and fresh new look with a more vibrant color palette of the Super Famicom. Experience the beautiful and authentic cute ’em up action from the 90s in all its charm and glory!Evil Nun: The Broken Mask — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneWill you uncover the mystery behind the broken mask? Complete puzzles and unlock new paths in a secret-filled school and flee Sister Madeline’s religious summer camp in this Stealth Horror adventure. Don’t get caught, or you will pay the ultimate price.IREM Collection Volume 1 — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneGet ready for the start of something big: Volume 1 of the monumental Irem Collection. If you’re a fan of retro gaming or looking for a new challenge, the Image Fight series and X-Multiply are must-play classic Shoot ‘Em Ups. Originally released during the golden age of arcade gaming in the late 1980s and early 1990s, these games have become cult classics among retro gaming enthusiasts.Image Fight, released in 1988, set the standard for the franchise with its challenging gameplay and impressive graphics that were cutting-edge for their time. It startet off a short series renowned for it’s crearive combat mechanics and immense level of difficulty.In 1992’s Image Fight 2, you’ll experience even more action-filled gameplay and engaging features. Featuring stunning fully-voiced cutscenes, the game puts you in the role of a sci-fi anime protagonist.X Multiply, a spin-off of the Image Fight series released in 1989, takes the gameplay and perspective in a different direction: A switch from top-down to side-scrolling action. The overall theme changes just as radically with its unique setting taking place inside the human body; a biological world filled with microscopical organic enemies and obstacles. It’s known for its challenging gameplay and powerful graphics – including tentacles featuring physics-based animations – which were among the best you could find in arcades at the time.Panorama Cotton — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OnePlay as Nata de Cotton, a chaotic witch with an unquenchable craving for a magical candy called Willow. Up in the land of fairies, eating burnt Willow causes Queen Velvet to act very strange… Someone has been burning Willow! Join Cotton and her fairy friend Silk, as they try to hunt down the menace responsible for burning their precious Willow!In 1994, Panorama Cotton raised the bar for what’s possible on the Mega Drive/Genesis consoles. With 5 vibrant stages in a psychedelic pastel color pallet, Panorama Cotton is an addictive treat to play!Pocky & Rocky Reshrined — Xbox Series X|SPocky the shrine maiden and Rocky the raccoon are back together in the latest game in the long-running classic shooter series! As the evil Black Mantle attacks, Pocky and Rocky need to team up once again, this time with some new friends to take on the upcoming challenges! With 8 stages of high-paced shooting action, you’ll have your hands full with creepy enemies, big bosses, and lots of twists and turns!Pocky & Rocky Reshrined is a multi-directional scrolling shooter in the classic 16-bit style with improved graphics, sound, and fun! Gameplay takes place from a top-down perspective and features both single-player and cooperative modes. The adventures of Pocky and Rocky begin again!• Continue the story with the newest installment of the series!• Play alone in Story Mode or with a friend in Free Mode!• Extra Easy Mode for Beginners!• Play as Pocky, Rocky, or one of three new characters!• Try to top the online leaderboards!Ruinarch — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneThere are many ways to be evil. Choose from three overlord Archetypes – each one provides you with a different playstyle. Do you want to focus on sheer destruction or are you into a more subtle puppetmaster approach?You can experiment by combining destructive spells.The most straightforward way to wipe out villagers is to simply cast powerful spells like Meteors, Earthquakes, Fire Balls, Lightning and more. But what happens when you hurl a meteor at a poisonous puddle? Poisonous meteor explosions, that’s what! And that’s just one of the many nefarious ways that you can combine elemental interactions to create your personalized cocktail of destruction!Slowly gain new powers by upgrading the Portal.Continue to sinisterly interact with the world to produce Chaotic Energy and then use these dark powers to upgrade your Portal. You gain permanent access to more heinous Powers by upgrading the Portal. Once the Portal is at the maximum level, you will finally be able summon yourself into the world and win the game!You can afflict villagers with flaws.Sure, you could just destroy the world with ice and fire, but the real fun begins when you meddle with villager lives to put them into compelling and tragic situations! Afflict the local hero with Lycanthropy and watch as his once loyal friends turn on him when the full moon rises. Afflict an annoying husband with Unfaithfulness and then watch the fireworks once you tell his wife of his misdeeds.You can spawn monsters to kidnap and harass villagers.You can snatch or seize a roaming monster and then breed it in your Kennel. This will allow you to summon them as part of your monster parties. Create monster parties to snatch Villagers or raid Villages. Your corrupted versions behave differently from their wild counterparts as they have been bred to perform very specific functions.You can spread malicious info.Your Beholder Structure allows you to spawn Eyes all over the world to gather information. You’ve seen a Knight steal a Shaman’s Potion? Store it as an Intel and then tell the Shaman about it!You can spread Plague.Build the Biolab to afflict Villagers with Plague and summon Plagued Rats. Upgrade your plague to instill it with various nasty symptoms and improve its virulence. You can even make Plagued victims explode when they die!You can torture people.You can build a Prison and incarcerate villagers. If necessary, you can torture them in ridiculous ways to afflict them with random flaws. Perhaps someone will have a mental anguish and become a Serial Killer when it gets back to its village?You can brainwash folks into becoming cultists.You can also try to brainwash your prisoners. If successful, it will return to its village as a secret cultist who will quietly worship and aid you. You can start a zombie apocalypse.You can also make the Plagued dead rise as zombies. Other villagers that they attack may also contract the virus. Soon, the entire village will be filled with nothing but shambling zombies.You can make Vampires and Werewolves.Afflict a Villager with Vampirism or Lycanthropy to turn them into denizens of the night. Watch as they terrorize their neighbors and spread the curse! You may eventually see the Village fight back and start Vampire and Lycan Hunts.Smalland: Survive the Wilds — Xbox Series X|SUltracore — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneOriginally known as Hardcore, this ININ Gem was developed in the early 1990s. As the world shifted towards the new generation of gaming consoles, Hardcore’s release was canceled and the game was lost forever… until now! After 25 long years, ININ, DICE and Strictly Limited came together to bring this gem back for retro gaming fans under the new name, Ultracore!Ultracore is an authentic Run ‘n Gun game—a true love letter to classic 2D action games with elaborate stage design, tons of secrets to discover, and many mid- and end-bosses. Collect coins to acquire items and new weapons, delve into the original synthwave soundtrack and fall (back) in love with the retro pixel graphics.• Frantic Blast Processing Gameplay!• Five large stages with challenging boss fights!• Collect new weapons and points to upgrade!• Modern Twin Stick Controls!• Optional New Synthwave Soundtrack!Not only is Ultracore an unearthed and beloved passion project, it’s an action-packed experience that takes the classic run ‘n gun 16-bit gaming to the next level… and beyond.Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader — Xbox Series X|SDecember 8Adventure Tanks — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneEngage in fierce battles against rival tanks in a variety of arenas, each with its own unique style and matching enemies. Strategize your moves, dodge enemy fire, and search out your flag to finish the levels. Progress through the different arenas one by one, but beware, the path to victory is not easy. Face off against increasingly tough opponents and overcome thrilling combat challenges. Get ready for an epic adventure! /n This game is an arena based shooter. You play as a small tank and your goal is to find the flag hidden somewhere in the arena without getting killed. /n You are armed only with bullets and have to survive until you can complete your task and progress to the next arena.Aircraft Carrier Survival — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneAgainst the Storm — WindowsBestial Reception — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, WindowsBestial Reception is a “roguelike shooter” in a bizarre radioactive world full of humanoid animals. In a radioactive wastelands and mutated biomes, animals are fighting for their existence and you are one of them!Fearmonium— Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneHappy Words — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, WindowsHappy Words is a word-based real-time online multiplayer board game for 1 to 4 players in which you have to create new words based on existing ones. The object of Happy Words is to score more points than your opponents. A player collects points by placing words on the game board. Each letter has a different point value, so the strategy becomes to play words with high-scoring letter combinations. The game supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Bulgarian languages.You can play Happy Words in 3 modes:1) Online with your friends or via random opponents from internet 2) Solo versus intelligent robots3) Local on the same console with your friends and familyThe game is highly customizable. You can play with different settings like “time to think”, one or two bags of letters, with or without use of helping dictionary, choose the number of tiles in the bag and others.You can also customize your board color and tile color styles.Good luck..T.E.S.T: Expected BehaviourXuan Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains — WindowsEmbark on a journey to unite the powers of the East and West against a looming evil!Popular and award-winning Chinese RPG Xuan Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains arrives on new platforms!Eastern and Western worlds collide in an epic tale spanning Eurasia, Arabia, Francia and China. Embark on a long journey to locate the Invincible Arts of War as you take the role of Septem, a Frankish Knight unwittingly drawn into the power struggle between disparate cultures.Xuan Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains presents its narrative using mythological and historically-inspired architectural styles, garb, cuisine and customs, blended with traditional turn-based RPG mechanics and HD hand-painted sprites. Recruit new characters to your party, capture enemies in battle using the Spirit Fusion Pot, then craft new items and monsters from Eastern or Western altars for different resulting appearances and properties. Only by uniting the powers of East and West can you hope to challenge the ambitions of the dark lord who tears at the seams of civilization!

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