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Destiny 2 Rathil Boss Guide


Dec 3, 2023

The Destiny 2 Season of the Wish offers players a new dungeon to face, the Warlord’s Ruin. To complete the dungeon in question, you will have to face three bosses, the first of which, the Destiny 2 Rathil boss, will appear before you shortly after you enter the dungeon. Rathil is meant to introduce you to new game mechanics, so he won’t be overly complicated to defeat, at least not like the other two you will have to face. However, you shouldn’t make the mistake of taking it lightly.

How to beat the Destiny 2 Rathil boss

The fight starts with lots of enemies showing up, and the big boss focuses on the players. You need to quickly get rid of the smaller enemies, use skills, and find cover from the boss’s attacks. It’s a tough situation that sets the tone for the challenging task ahead. Once you successfully deal with the first group of enemies, they suddenly find themselves in hanging cages in a strange place. The weird atmosphere is made scarier by creepy Taken eyes around the cages, creating tension. As you get used to this new setting, a countdown called Imminent Wish begins, marking a crucial part of the challenge.

When the Imminent Wish countdown ends, you need to do serious damage to the boss quickly. But before that, there’s an important step. You must get rid of the creepy Taken eyes that have been watching them. Only after dealing with these weird orbs does the cage door open, revealing the next part of the tough fight.

Outside the cages, you can see a strange arena with structures that look like Scorn Stasis turrets in white circles. Stepping into these circles lets you capture the turrets, extending the time they can attack. You might even capture two points at once if the circles show up in the right places. But you have to do all of this within 30 seconds, according to the Imminent Wish timer.

Destiny 2 Rathil

As you follow the plan, an important message pops up on the left side of your HUD: “Rathil’s hex backfires!” This is the signal to stop preparing and start attacking Rathil, the big boss. At the same time, another timer called Naeem’s Wish Empowerment appears, showing how much time you have to deal significant damage. The attack phase ends when the message “Rathil breaks free of the hex!” shows up. Then, it’s back to the beginning until Rathil is defeated, and you end up in prison cells.

Rathil, as a formidable boss, offers a dynamic challenge that encourages diverse approaches from fireteams. While the conventional choice of rocket launchers proves effective in delivering substantial damage, you must navigate the battlefield with caution due to the presence of disruptive ads that may impede their line of sight. For those prioritizing survival, the deployment of a Well of Radiance emerges as a reliable and prudent choice, even if it represents the path of least resistance among the trio of encounters.

Destiny 2 Rathil

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