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Destiny 2 Locus of Wailing Grief Boss Guide


Dec 3, 2023

After defeating Rathil, you will have the opportunity to continue in the new dungeon that has been introduced in this new season of the game. However, don’t rest on your laurels, because it won’t be long before you have to face another boss. The Destiny 2 Locus of Wailing Grief is the second boss you will face in the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon. In this article, therefore, we will explain how to face this opponent and get the better of him.

How to beat the Destiny 2 Locus of Wailing Grief boss

It’s crucial that you pay attention to two things in the vicinity before engaging in the boss battle in order to win. There are some torches that are burning just behind the gathering flag, near the balcony’s stone rail. You can always rely on these torches for warmth when the weather turns cold; they’re not just decorative pieces.

You can now see some large, unlit braziers if you move your focus to the front of the flag, close to where the imposing boss makes its bold entrance. Known as Burning Desire braziers, the object of this game is to dunk flame orbs into them. Now that all those flames are lit and the boss damage phase has begun, the real action begins.

Initiating the encounter involves shooting the black Taken orb hovering in the middle. This action summons the colossal ogre boss and other Taken enemies, including formidable ones on both sides of the arena. Your initial focus should be on eliminating these threats. Following the confrontation with the menacing Taken eyes, Scorn enemies emerge on the sides where the torches burn. Keep an eye out for the big yellow-bar chieftains among them.

Defeating these mini-bosses triggers the appearance of the same capture points seen in the initial stage. However, be cautious; this also introduces a freezing cold that can eventually lead to the player’s demise. To shake off the cold and stay in the fight, head towards the comforting warmth of the burning torches on the balcony. The Imminent Wish timer makes a comeback as soon as the yellow bars are taken care of, making it crucial to capture as many points as possible within that time frame.

Destiny 2 Locus of Wailing Grief

As the Imminent Wish timer runs its course, players are rewarded with fire charges from the flag area, the quantity depending on the number of points captured. Grab these charges and perform the crucial act of dunking them into the four braziers strategically placed around the boss. These four fires signify the four opportunities to inflict significant damage on this Destiny 2 Season of the Wish boss. Repeat this process until all the fires are ablaze. Once the braziers are fully lit, a message appears on the left side, stating, “Your wish is granted, O vengeance mine.”

This marks the moment to commence damaging the Locus of Wailing Grief. However, the cold returns, prompting players to position themselves near the blazing fires they’ve ignited to deal damage. Each lit fire provides approximately 14 seconds of damage (Naeem’s Wish Empowerment), after which players should transition to the next one until all the fires extinguish. Following this, the entire sequence begins anew until this Destiny 2 boss is defeated.

The Destiny 2 Locus of Wailing Grief, being a ponderous boss, boasts a substantial weak point on its head. Leveraging precision weapons like snipers or linear fusion rifles is advisable, particularly because the boss can unleash a potent stomp that may forcibly displace players from the safety of the fire. For overall survival, the Well of Radiance is indispensable, even as players constantly move around every 14 seconds. Hunters can enhance their effectiveness with Celestial Nighthawk, a Super that delivers precise damage—a perfect fit for this challenging situation.

In conclusion, in this Destiny 2 Locus of Wailing Grief boss fight, there are elements of strategy, coordination, and adaptation. The arena’s dynamic features, such as the torches, braziers, and the recurring Imminent Wish timer, demand constant vigilance and teamwork. Each phase, from battling initial enemies to navigating freezing temperatures and orchestrating damage phases, contributes to creating an encounter that puts everyone’s skills to the test.

Destiny 2 Locus of Wailing Grief

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