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As Resident Evil remakes continue to print money, Capcom confirms plans for more of them


Dec 3, 2023

To the surprise of presumably no one, Capcom has in fact confirmed that it’s planning another Resident Evil remake – but it hasn’t said which game’s getting one.

It’s no secret that Capcom’s Resident Evil remakes have been doing exceptionally well – Resident Evil 4 Remake sold three million copies within its first two days. So hearing that Capcom is working on more was pretty much a given. Resident Evil 4 Remake director Yasuhiro Anpo was the one to confirm more remakes are on the way, quite simply replying “Yes,” when asked by IGN if the developer had plans for more. “We’ve released three remakes so far and they have all been received very well. Since it allows a modern audience to play these games, it is something I am happy to do as someone that loves these older games, and we want to continue doing more.

“What game we will remake in the future is something that we would like to announce in the future, so please look forward to it.” There hasn’t been any kind of hints so far as to which games Capcom might remake, though it has been trying to figure out which games you want to see remade. Code Veronica seemingly isn’t off the table, but of course there are games like the original Resident Evil or Resident Evil 0. Plus, there’s the more actiony Resident Evil 5, which is the next one numerically, though that one obviously marked quite a shift for the survival horror series.

Capcom does have an “unannounced major title” due out before March 2024, though I personally wouldn’t bet on a new Resident Evil game. Dragon’s Dogma 2 is out March 22, but that one was already announced, so it can’t be that. Perhaps there’s a new Monster Hunter on the horizon? We could always hope for a new Lost Planet or Darkstalkers too.

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