• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Cyborg immersive sim Core Decay still has those System Shock, Deus Ex vibes in a brand new trailer


Oct 2, 2023

Cyborg espionage game Core Decay has a new trailer out showcasing different approaches to the conundrum of being locked inside one of its sprawling, post-societal-collapse facilities. Our semi-cyber protagonist is faced with escaping a facility, which means traversing a living area to the director’s office to flip a switch. The gameplay trailer showcases violent, social, and stealthy approaches to the goal.

The violent approach has the player gunning down anyone who gets in the way, ambushing poorly armed security guards with a heavy-looking assault rifle and breaking through a security door before shooting out the window of the office to leap inside. The social approach involves finding a friendly employee to give you a keycode to get into a specific room where you can find a keycard for the office door. The third is some real classic old-school game stealth, hiding in the shadows to takedown guards silently before breaking open an air duct and crawling through to the objective.

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