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New Xbox games — October 2 to 8


Oct 1, 2023

19 new Xbox games arrive next week, including Ubisoft’s much-anticipated Assassin’s Creed Mirage (which we loved in our Assassin’s Creed Mirage preview) and the day-one Xbox Game Pass addition of The Lamplighters League, which has already picked up some decent reviews. From this page, you can view a game’s achievement list if it’s been released, subscribe to a game for news updates, add them to your wishlist, and even click through to the Microsoft Store to preorder or purchase. Here’s a breakdown of everything coming to the world of Xbox next week. Let us know which of these you’re planning on picking up in the comments!October 2ndTrepang2 — Xbox Series X|S, WindowsBecome the ultimate badass in Trepang2: A gory, action-packed FPS set in the distant future. Unleash all hell on your enemies, dodge bullets and leave a trail of destruction in this hardcore and frenetic shooter.October 3rdSynergia – NextGen Edition — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneSynergia – NextGen Edition is a 4K Remaster featuring the SUNRISE expansion plus bonus content!A neon-lit dystopian cityscape becomes the stage for thrilling adventure and deep yuri romance in this cyberpunk-themed visual novel. The complex personalities and experiences of more than 20 characters are interwoven across multiple paths and possible endings. Your choices matter, not only to you, but to all those with whom you struggle to connect.Cila, a veteran cop with a sour outlook and anger issues expects nothing more from life besides the smell of ozone, blinding neon lights and the ever-present manhole steam. That is, until a shady friend replaces her broken-down housedroid as a favor. Advanced, more efficient and remarkably perceptive, unit M.A.R.A. begins to penetrate Cila’s toughened exterior and possibly even heal her new owner’s old wounds – if Cila can decipher the recurring nightmare the process brings. Soon Cila and Mara forge a unique, if sometimes uneasy bond.Unbeknownst to Cila, just as her life begins to find its new normal, the technological giant Velta Labs gets wind of Mara’s existence and takes a mysterious interest in the android. A war unlike any before is brewing on the horizon, its players are silently being selected and one android’s fate may spell the difference between peace, war, the blossoming of a new religion or a technological singularity beyond comprehension.—-Plus, one year after the events of the Synergia Incident, Cila and Mara’s lives have drastically changed, as have the lives of all those around them. This edition includes SUNRISE, a small glimpse into their future outside of The Empire, and the repercussions of their actions during the main game.Bathed in the ultraviolet lights of the European Travel Union, Yu, the Emperor’s right-hand, prepares to reunite with the reviled Cila and Mara and finally settle things with The Empire’s most wanted terrorist: Yoko. The Lamplighters League — Xbox Series X|S, WindowsRecruit a team of misfits with unique abilities and unforgettable personalities, and chase the Banished Court to the ends of the earth in a mix of real-time infiltration, turn-based tactical combat, and a character-driven story of adventure and intrigue.October 4thAnthology of Fear — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneAfter months of investigations, no one has been able to locate your brother. When all hope for help is lost, you take matters into your own hands.Solve the mystery of your brother’s disappearance while making your way through unsettling liminal locations.Take part in a one-man investigation and solve the mystery of the disappearance of your brother. Find out the truth by exploring unsettling liminal locations. Be careful though, as your way through the nightmare will be paved with danger.FIND YOUR WAY OUT OF THE NIGHTMARE.Discover the story chapter by chapter, with each one unveiling their common tragedy. Explore embodied horrors of human consciousness and fight your way through them to find your brother.DISCOVER THE TRUTH.Your personal investigation leads you into an abandoned medical facility. Gradually, you discover its disturbing past, as well as what happened to people associated with it.EXPERIENCE THE PARANORMAL.Delve into the memories of people associated with your brother’s disappearance. Experience the unexplainable, survive the unimaginable, and put the pieces together.COMPLETE YOUR INVESTIGATION.Avoid the dangers waiting for you on your way to the truth. Interact with your surroundings and take part in surreal experiences which may help you understand what happened.Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur Prince — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneThe Minotaur King has returned…and it’s all your fault! Lily’s back for a new “classic” action-adventure set hundreds of years after The Sleeping King!Dinobreak — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneThe crises of the past return in DINOBREAK as dinosaurs overwhelm a metropolitan city on a fateful night in 1999. Band together with survivors across the city to uncover the origins of the onslaught, and find a path to safety. DINOBREAK looks, sounds and plays like a ’90s-era survival horror game. Cheesy acting, extreme gore, exhilarating action, and resource management await as you fight through hordes of dinosaurs to escape alive. Take one last trip to the world of survival horror in this one-of-a-kind adventure.Diorama Dungeoncrawl – Master of the Living Castle — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneMedieval fantasy meets retro style in this side-scrolling adventure through low-poly 3D environments!Inspired by 16-bit action games, Diorama Dungeoncrawl brings old-school challenge and style to low-poly 3D set pieces! Battle monsters and avoid traps in your quest to claim the heart of the Living Castle. Explore shrouded forests, mysterious halls, towers and dungeons to face off against the powerful Necromancer who commands the forces of darkness!As a side-scrolling hack and slash adventure at its heart, Diorama Dungeoncrawl brings a fresh artistic direction to familiar action mechanics! Face off against hordes of skeletons, bats and goblins! Deftly avoid devious traps and confront fearsome bosses. Run, jump and swing your mightier hammer, but beware of enemy projectiles that fly at you from all directions! Can you survive and restore peace to your kingdom?Treachery in Beatdown City: Ultra Remix — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneExplore an ANGRY city, meet the WORST people, and beat ’em up with STYLE! Pick your fighter, FREEZE TIME, build custom combos, and knock out your enemies, all to save the president.Worldless — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneOctober 5thAssassin’s Creed Mirage — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneExperience the story of Basim, a cunning street thief with nightmarish visions, seeking answers and justice as he navigates the bustling streets of ninth-century Baghdad. Through a mysterious, ancient organization known as the Hidden Ones, he will become a deadly Master Assassin and change his fate in ways he never could have imagined.Bang-On Balls: Chronicles — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneA quirky, absolutely content-packed, destructible open-world sandbox adventure with combat, platforming, character customization, and collect-a-thon scavenger hunt experience. Play solo, 2-player split screen, or online co-op for up to 4 players. No paid cosmetic DLC nonsense.Cricket 24 — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneKnight vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur — Xbox Series X|SStep into the greaves of King Arthur in this fantasy action roguelite and wield the Broken Excalibur in a quest to rescue the scattered citizens of Camelot, vanquish the calamitous Void Giant, and escape from the Astral Dimension once and for all.October 6thAquarium Land — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneGo fish in the sea, swim, catch species like goldfish, starfish, koi fish and add them to your fish tank to expand your aquarium shop!Drive a motorboat, ride a jet ski or just jump in the water and dive with a friend in multiplayer mode! Discover amazing places filled with a wide variety of beautiful animals. Discover huge and legendary creatures to attract more visitors. There is a customer for every sea animal, big or tiny, all you have to do is fish with attitude!Invest in your aquarium shop and explore the sea world like a real fishy tycoon! The more money you earn, the more upgrades and aquariums you can get!Features:- many different aquatic worlds- 100+ species to catch- multiplayer mode up to 2 players- 20 funny skins to choose from- character, customer and employee upgrades – motorboat and jet-ski riding- different diving styles with cool animations- aquarium decorations- ship expeditionsCan you be the best fish tycoon, let the tides lead you and rule your tile aquarium?NHL 24 — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneEA SPORTS™ NHL® 24’s all-new gameplay features like Exhaust Engine, Vision Passing, Total Control Skill Moves, and Physics-Based Contact that bring authentic on-ice action to life.Project Blue — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneHidden in the outskirts of the Dezone, a secret bio-weapons lab is conducting unspeakable experiments on the homeless youth of that concrete wasteland.The most promising test subject, codenamed PROJECT BLUE, manages to break free following an overly successful bio-energy augmentation.Now it’s up to YOU to help Blue escape from Theta Lab and bring down the shadowy multinational conglomerate running Neo Hong Kong!Put your skill, wits and reflexes to the test as you jump, swim, and blast your way through four massive areas in this exciting new action platformer.Sunshine Manor — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneWelcome to Sunshine Manor, a spine-chilling retro horror adventure.Ada is a reluctant adventurer who accepts the challenge to spend a night in the infamous haunted Sunshine Manor and encounters ghosts, demons and other blood-soaked horrors along with quirky characters, unique challenges and a cute but eerie atmosphere. Travel between the mortal and demon realms, outwit the evil Shadow Man, and solve devious puzzles while exploring the mansion. Enjoy stunning hand-drawn pixel art graphics and an 80s-inspired soundtrack that combine perfectly to create a hauntingly thrilling experience.Uncover the mansion’s dark secrets and step into a captivating journey that blends horror, comedy and a sprinkling of retro charm.Sword Art Online: Last Recollection — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OnePre-order bonus: Black Swordsman Swords Skins SetObtain 5 Sword Weapon Skins for 1-handed sword type weapons in-game.Includes:• Weapon Skin: Elucidator• Weapon Skin: Dark Repulser• Weapon Skin: Remaining Heart• Weapon Skin: Rainbow Blade Ex Eterna• Weapon Skin: Aetherial GlowThe culmination of the SWORD ART ONLINE game series, Last Recollection features the largest roster of SAO playable characters and sub scenarios!Based on SWORD ART ONLINE’s War of Underworld anime arc, a new story unfolds with tough challenges that await our beloved hero, Kirito, and his new friends. Players will unmask the Dark Knight and find out if Kirito and the crew will survive the relentless battling against the forces of the Dark Territory!With fast and stylish combat, the gameplay boasts MMO-like battles!Experience an exciting and elevated battle system with your friends against familiar foes from the SWORD ART ONLINE series.Torn Away — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneTorn Away is an interactive story with a unique blend of adventure games, side-scrollers, and cinematic first-person levels Experience the tragedy of World War II through the eyes of a child and survive without losing your humanity in this war-torn world, where only the strongest prevail.

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