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It took 10 years, but someone has accomplished all 2751 of Final Fantasy 14’s achievements


Oct 1, 2023

In a genuinely unbelievable display of commitment, one Final Fantasy 14 player has managed to beat every single achievement across the entire MMO.

Look, I’m no achievement hunter. I just don’t care that much about them, they don’t push me to play as much of a game as possible, and often there’s just too many. That sentiment of too many is a bit of an understatement when it comes to Final Fantasy 14, as there are 2751 achievements, which is just ridiculous honestly. And as shared on the Final Fantasy 14 subreddit, someone has actually managed to get every. Single. Achievement.

A JP player has become the first player to complete 100% of currently obtainable achievements in the game
byu/PrismaticParrot inffxiv

According to the post, the player is from the Garuda server in Japan, and is the first person to do so in the 10 years the game has been out (thanks, GamesRadar). The user that shared said achievement on Reddit highlighted just how wild said achievement is pointing out the fact the Final Fantasy 14 player in question managed to: complete all five ultimate raids, obtain every single relic weapon from every expansion, caught every fish, and completed every single levequest, which because of time-gating apparently takes a minimum of seven years.

Suffice it to say, that’s a pretty ridiculous accomplishment overall. That’s easily hundreds of hours of gameplay, possibly thousands, considering how long just the main story quests are across all of the expansions. It’s pretty clear that this player, who’s apparently a Lalafell, is a big fan of Final Fantasy 14, and maybe with this can even argue that they’re the biggest fan.

A new patch for the game is actually out next week, patch 6.5, so it’s entirely possible they’ll have even more achievements to unlock soon. Plus, the MMO’s next big expansion Dawntrail, which is due out next year, is sure to add even more to that list.

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