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PSVR2 Roguelite The Foglands Gets a New Trailer and Halloween Release Date


Sep 29, 2023

Developer Well Told Entertainment revealed new gameplay footage, features, and a release date for its PSVR2 roguelite, The Foglands. The unique shooter was initially revealed during the February PlayStation State of Play following the launch of Sony’s high-end VR headset, and promises to offer a change of pace from the numerous military shooters already available on PSVR2.

Well Told Entertainment’s The Foglands will release on October 31 and feature an optional flatscreen mode

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, developer Well Told Entertainment released a new gameplay trailer for its roguelite PSVR2 shooter, The Foglands. The lengthy trailer gives gamers a glimpse of some of the many weapons they’ll be able to use to dispatch the hordes of twisted creatures inhabiting the horror-themed PSVR2 shooter. In addition to showing off new footage, the post also revealed a Halloween release date for The Foglands along with the announcement of an optional flatscreen mode on PS5.

Described as an “anti-Western atmospheric roguelite” in a recent PlayStation Blog post, The Foglands sees gamers taking on all manner of monstrous enemies in an ever-changing environment. Playing as Jim, a Runner tasked with protecting the people of the Hold, gamers will use a mix of guns and melee attacks to take down their opponents while collecting Scrap and Fog Oil to unlock new gear, upgrades, and areas. Players can acquire unique abilities from a mysterious figure known as The Stranger during each run though. Like the items they collect, these are reset after each death. While not a full-on horror game like the upcoming PSVR2 mode for Resident Evil 4, The Foglands has a decidedly creepy aesthetic that pairs well with its Halloween release date.

The newly announced option to play The Foglands in flatscreen mode on PS5 could help the game reach a wider audience, as its fast-paced gameplay could prove to be uncomfortable for gamers new to VR. Despite the PSVR2 outpacing PSVR sales as of May, there have been relatively few high-profile releases for the headset in recent months, so the Halloween launch of The Foglands should come as welcome news for some owners. Horror fans may have even more to look forward to on the headset in coming years following recent hints that The Persistence developer Firesprite’s AAA PS5 horror game may be released by 2025.

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