• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Payday 3 slammed on Steam by players forced to wait in server queues just to play by themselves


Sep 22, 2023

Launch week server headaches have rankled everyone trying to play Payday 3, but the most frustrated are those who don’t even want to play the new co-op heist shooter online. Payday 3’s always-online construction means that solo players still have to connect to the matchmaking server to start private heists, which has subjected them to the same errors and long queues as multiplayer heisters.

When I first launched Payday 3 today, I struggled just to get to the main menu, receiving an impassable “Nebula data error.” After relaunching a couple of times I was eventually able to start a private, invite-only heist, waiting through about 30 seconds of “matchmaking” despite playing with bots.

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