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Top 10 Highest-Rated La Liga Players In EA FC 24


Sep 19, 2023

Before the release, we present to you the top 10 highest-rated La Liga players in EA FC 24

As we gear up for the release of EA FC 24, gamers are buzzing with excitement this September. EA Sports is all set to introduce the latest installment, marking a significant change after three decades by dropping the ‘FIFA’ branding.

With the game’s launch just around the corner, let’s dive into the top 10 La Liga players with the highest ratings in this highly-anticipated title.

Top 10 Highest-Rated La Liga Players In EA FC 24

Highest-Rated La Liga Players in EA FC 24

In the EA FC 24 showdown of top players, Real Madrid fans are grinning from ear to ear. Out of the top 10, a whopping 5 players hail from their team. Barcelona lags behind with just three, while the remaining two belong to Atlético.

10. Toni Kroos – 86

  • Teams: Real Madrid/Germany
  • Position: CM
  • Pace (PAC): 51
  • Shooting (SHO): 80
  • Passing (PAS): 90
  • Dribbling (DRI): 81
  • Defending (DEF): 70
  • Physicality (PHY): 71

Toni Kroos, the veteran football maestro hailing from Germany, is still a linchpin for Real Madrid. With an impressive rating of 86 in EA FC 24, his finesse on the field is undeniable. His stellar passing and dribbling skills make him a midfield powerhouse, a key asset for any squad.

9. Frenkie De Jong – 87

  • Teams: Barcelona/Netherlands
  • Position: CM
  • Pace (PAC): 82
  • Shooting (SHO): 69
  • Passing (PAS): 86
  • Dribbling (DRI): 87
  • Defending (DEF): 77
  • Physicality (PHY): 78

Frenkie De Jong, the midfield maestro from Barcelona and the Netherlands, is making waves in EA FC 24 with an impressive overall rating of 87. Known for his stellar passing skills (PAS 86) and impeccable dribbling abilities (DRI 87), he’s a force to be reckoned with on the virtual pitch. With a well-rounded game and a nod to his versatility, De Jong is sure to be a fan favorite in the upcoming game.

8. Luka Modrić – 87

  • Teams: Real Madrid/Croatia
  • Position: CM
  • Pace (PAC): 72
  • Shooting (SHO): 76
  • Passing (PAS): 79
  • Dribbling (DRI): 87
  • Defending (DEF): 72
  • Physicality (PHY): 66

Even at the dusk of his career, Luka Modrić is still going strong as evident from his latest EA FC 24 rating of 87. With impressive dribbling skills and pinpoint passing, Modrić’s finesse on the field is a sight to behold. Although retired from international football he is still contributing to the Los Blancos.

7. Federico Valverde – 88

  • Teams: Real Madrid/Uruguay
  • Position: CM
  • Pace (PAC): 88
  • Shooting (SHO): 82
  • Passing (PAS): 84
  • Dribbling (DRI): 84
  • Defending (DEF): 80
  • Physicality (PHY): 82

It comes as no shock that Federico Valverde secures a spot in the top 10 highest-rated Lal Liga players. His footballing intelligence and unwavering commitment to the game mark him as a rising star, destined for greatness on both the real and virtual pitch.

6. Jan Oblak – 88

  • Teams: Atlético Madrid/Slovenia
  • Position: GK
  • Diving (DIV): 85
  • Handling (HAN): 90
  • Kicking (KIC): 78
  • Reflexes (REF): 87
  • Speed (SPE): 46
  • Positioning (POS): 86

Jan Oblak, a powerhouse in the goal, earns a solid 88 rating in EA FC 24. With remarkable attributes like 90 handling, 87 reflexes, and an outstanding positioning rating of 86, Oblak is a formidable presence between the posts. Although his speed is a bit low, his virtual goalkeeping skills are just as impressive as he is in real life.

5. Antonio Griezmann – 88

  • Teams: Atlético Madrid/France
  • Position: ST
  • Pace (PAC): 88
  • Shooting (SHO): 82
  • Passing (PAS): 84
  • Dribbling (DRI): 84
  • Defending (DEF): 80
  • Physicality (PHY): 82

The first forward on our list and it is none other than Monsieur Griezmann. The back-to-back World Cup finalist still has a lot of spark left in him and that’s why he is rated at 88, one of the top-rated forwards in the entire game.

4. Vinicius Jr.

  • Teams: Real Madrid/Brazil
  • Position: LW
  • Pace (PAC): 95
  • Shooting (SHO): 82
  • Passing (PAS): 78
  • Dribbling (DRI): 90
  • Defending (DEF): 29
  • Physicality (PHY): 68

In EA FC 24, Vinicius Jr. is an absolute speedster on the field. With a blazing pace of 95, he’ll leave defenders in the dust. Couple that with his exceptional dribbling at 90, and you’ve got a player who’s almost impossible to catch. When Vinicius Jr. goes on a run, you’ll be left wondering where he came from!

3. Marc-André ter Stegen

  • Teams: Barcelona/Germany
  • Position: GK
  • Diving (DIV): 86
  • Handling (HAN): 85
  • Kicking (KIC): 89
  • Reflexes (REF): 91
  • Speed (SPE): 57
  • Positioning (POS): 86

Marc-André ter Stegen is a defensive force to be reckoned with in EA FC 24. His exceptional diving, handling, and positioning skills, rated at 86, 85, and 86, respectively, make him an impenetrable fortress. With lightning-fast reflexes rated at 91, he stands as the ultimate last line of defense in the virtual football world.

2. Thibaut Courtois – 90

  • Teams: Real Madrid/Spain
  • Position: GK
  • Diving (DIV): 85
  • Handling (HAN): 89
  • Kicking (KIC): 76
  • Reflexes (REF): 93
  • Speed (SPE): 46
  • Positioning (POS): 90

Being the only GK in the game with a 90 rating, Thibaut Courtois is the towering guardian of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team. His remarkable reflexes (93) and positioning (90) establish him as a stalwart between the goalposts. Count on Courtois to deliver crucial saves and maintain a strong defensive presence in the game.

1. Robert Lewandowski – 90

  • Teams: Barcelona/Poland
  • Position: ST
  • Pace (PAC): 75
  • Shooting (SHO): 91
  • Passing (PAS): 80
  • Dribbling (DRI): 87
  • Defending (DEF): 44
  • Physicality (PHY): 84

Meet the highest rated played in La Liga, Robert Lewandowski, who has been crushing defenses for more than a decade on both worlds. He boasts an overall rating of 90 in EA FC 24, making him one of the best players in the game. With his skills, Lewandowski is a game-changer in every sense of the word.

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