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LCS Summer Split Is Set To Return on June 14 As LCSPA and Riot Reach an Agreement


Jun 9, 2023

LCS fans can rejoice as the Summer Split is confirmed to return next Wednesday.

After a brief delay, the LCS Summer Split is all set to make a comeback on June 14. This news comes following an agreement reached between the LCS Players Association (LCSPA) and Riot Games, the organizers of the LCS. The LCS had initially postponed the start of the Summer Split by two weeks due to a historic walkout protest staged by the LCS players.

The walkout was a response to Riot Games’ decision to remove the requirement for LCS organizations to field teams in the North American Challengers League (NACL), which acts as a feeder system for the LCS. The players expressed their concerns regarding the lack of communication and consultation before implementing this change. In response to the protest, Riot Games decided to delay the start of the Summer Split in order to address the players’ concerns and engage in negotiations with the LCSPA.

Following discussions between the LCS, LCSPA and a player representative chosen by the LCS teams, an agreement has been reached on several key issues. The reforms include a new NACL business model that aims to drive long-term sustainability by sharing revenue between the tournament operator and participating teams. Aside from improvements to the NACL ecosystem, minimum 30-day notice and severance requirements for non-resident LCS players, optimization of scrim schedules, reinforcement of healthcare insurance requirements for international players and refinement of working procedures between the LCS, LCSPA and teams were also agreed upon.

In the new blog post, the Global Head of LoL Esports at Riot Games Naz Aletaha, expressed gratitude to the LCS fans, players and teams for their patience during the negotiation period. She emphasized the shared goals for the future of the LCS and NACL and the commitment to building a sustainable ecosystem.

The return of the LCS Summer Split marks a significant moment for the League of Legends esports community. While the agreement between the LCSPA and Riot Games showcases the importance of open dialogue and collaboration between players and organizers in shaping the future of the competitive landscape, there will undoubtedly be some disappointment among fans after the announcement. Despite a first-of-its-kind protest decision by the LCS players, LCSPA did not any of their starting demands from Riot, and the future plans for the NACL are still unclear.

LCSPA put out a statement of their own on Twitter, saying Riot and LCS teams made concessions to ensure a sustainable future for NACL. LCSPA statement confirmed the terms of the negotiations and read “Today’s announcement proves the importance of giving players a meaningful seat at the table.” The Players Association also acknowledged the eventual agreement fell short of their starting demands, but claimed Riot still agreed to a lot of important changes while committing to NACL’s future.

Still, with the Summer Split now set to begin, fans can look forward to witnessing thrilling matches and supporting their favorite teams on the LCS stage. The first week of the LCS will start with an extra game day on Wednesday, June 14.

For more information on the updated Summer Split schedule, tickets, and other details, interested individuals can visit Lolesports.com starting from Friday, June 9 at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET.

As the LCS gears up for its Summer Split, the focus now shifts to the teams and players who will battle it out for glory on the Summoner’s Rift. The LCS community eagerly anticipates an exciting and fiercely competitive season as the journey continues towards the LCS Finals at the Prudential Center in August and the highly anticipated World Championship later this year.

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