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DPC NA 2023 Tour 3 Division I


Jun 5, 2023

Sand King Gomez vs ALPHA is will be one of the Tiebreaker matches in the NA Tour 3 Division I.

As expected, the best teams in the NA DPC had no problems qualifying for the Major. However, it’s time to watch the teams that will be fighting for their survival in the Tiebreaker and the ALPHA vs Sand King Gomez will be one of the clashes. These two powerhouses have played against each other, so it’s time for a rematch. Like the previous series, this one will be available on ESTNN’s recommended sites for eSports betting.

Sand King Gomez

In the previous match against ALPHA, SKG had no problems and won the series. Now, it will have to do again, but this time, the stakes are even higher. In other words, the team can’t afford to lose.




Luis “Luis” Echevarria 

  • Role: Offlane
  • Years Active – 2022-Present
  • Top Heroes – Sand King, Mars, Doom

José “N1ne” Martinez

  • Role: Support
  • Years Active – 2020-Present
  • Top Heroes – Mirana, Tiny, Tusk


Players to Watch

Luis is usually the team’s star, so make sure to keep an eye on him.


Although some people expected on of the underdogs in the NA Tour 3 to be eliminated, the team has a chance of survival. This happened because the squad defeated B8, so now, it has to defeat its opponent.


Blessed kid





Players to Watch

From our observation, we think that Steel- is the team’s superstar.

Sand King Gomez vs ALPHA – FT Score

  • Game 1 – Sand King Gomez
  • Game 2 – Sand King Gomez

Sand King Gomez vs ALPHA – Which Team Will Get Fist Blood

  • First Game – SKG
  • Second Game – SKG

Sand King Gomez vs ALPHA  – The total Number of Kills

  • 1st Game – Over 40
  • 2nd Game – Over 50

Sand King Gomez vs ALPHA – Roshan Kills

Interestingly, these two teams focus more on Roshan than most of their opponents. However, considering the importance of this match, we may not see as many kills on him as usual. With that said, we think that this series will give us the following numbers:

Sand King Gomez vs ALPHA – Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is an option to have access to better odds when one of the two teams is the obvious favorite. Most of the leading gambling sites you’ll find on ESTNN will give you access to this option, so make sure to check them. In terms of the alternatives, here are a couple of them that are worth checking:

  • Total Kills -10 SKG
  • Net Worth Disadvantage -5k SKG
  • Towers -2 SKG
  • Runes +5 ALPHA

Sand King Gomez vs ALPHA – Where and How to Watch this match

This will be one of the few Tiebreaker matches in the NA Tour 3 Division I DPC. You can use the different bookmakers and their live streams or check the following:

Tune in on June 5 at 22:00 EEST.

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