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Team Spirit vs Nemiga Gaming Preview and Predictions: DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I


May 26, 2023

Team Spirit vs Nemiga Gaming is an important clash for two of the best EEU teams.

Week 2 in Eastern Eurupe’s Division I in Tour  3 is underway, and we have a very special Team Spirit vs Nemiga Gaming clash. This will be the third game for TI 10 champions this week, and they will want to win it. However, it won’t be easy because the squad will have to go up against Nemiga. The latter is in the top 3, and will want to stay there, so make sure to check some of the eSports betting sites for more info.

Team Spirit vs Nemiga Gaming Preview 

These two squads have met several times so far, and the score is usually in favor of Yatoro’s team. Interestingly, TS is yet to lose a single series, whereas Nemiga Already has 2 losses. However, the team also has 2 victories, which puts in a good position.

Team Spirit

As mentioned, one of the best teams in the world already defeated Virtus.Pro and UALEIK prior to the Team Spirit vs Nemiga Gaming clash. This will be the third matchup for the team this week, and it will have to step up its game to win. 

Nemig Gaming

Unlike their counterparts, Nemiga started with 2 painful losses. The team wasn’t able to overcome HYDRA and 9Pandas, but it bounced back against UALEIK and One Move. Consequently, it has a chance to finish among the 3 best in the region.

Team Spirit vs Nemiga Gaming Predictions


When it comes down to predicting the winner here, our vote goes for Team Spirit. The latter is among the best in the world, and will want to prove it yet again. Securing a 3rd victory in the Nemiga Gaming vs Team Spirit clash will put Yatoro’s squad in a really good position.

Who’ll get the first Aegis?

Despite Nemiga’s impressive performance lately, we think that the first Aegis in this game will be for Team Spirit. 

First team to get 15 kills?

Team Spirit is the favorite in the clash, so it will most likely become the first team to get 15 kills in this match.

Can we see a 30k+ net worth difference?

Yes, it’s very likely to see a 30k+ net worth difference in the Team Spirit vs Nemiga Gaming clash. After all, TS is yet to lose against this opponent.

How many maps will we see in this series?

Even though Nemiga Gaming can surprise us and win one of the maps, we think that this series will finish with 2 victories for Team Spirit. Of course, this will depend a lot on the draft itself.

Team Spirit vs Nemiga Gaming – Where and How to watch it

This important series in Eastern Europe’s Tour 3 will be broadcasted on Twitch and some of the leading sites for betting on eSports. ESTNN has many other predictions for some of the hottest events, so make sure to learn more about them before deciding what to wager on. 


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