• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

After playing F1 23 I dare say the cars feel much grippier than last year’s


May 26, 2023

I’ve been lapping around Imola in F1 23 these past few days, trying to make up for the race we lost to terrible flooding in the region and to get a feel of what’s changed with the new instalment. And I have to admit, from booting the game into some new menus and jumping into a timed lap at Imola, it didn’t look like much on the surface. But after running a couple more laps, I started to realise something, “Oh, I forgot to turn traction control off.”

But I hadn’t. Traction control was completely disabled as intended. I just wasn’t spinning out nearly half as much as I usually would after coming back to the F1 games after a long break. 

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