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Syracuse star Buddy Boeheim suspended after punching FSU player


Mar 10, 2022

Buddy Boeheim is going to be missing some time as the Syracuse basketball star was suspended after he decided to punch a Florida State player. 

If at all possible, don’t punch people. It’s just a generally good rule not to hit folks. Don’t hit people and you’ll probably be fine. We teach toddlers to keep their hands to themselves. If they decide to hit someone, they get in trouble.

The same tends to happen to college basketball stars when they decide to punch someone. In the case of toddlers, typically that consequence is timeout.

In the case of Buddy Boeheim, that consequence is missing the next Syracuse basketball game in the ACC Tournament with the Orange needing a win for the NCAA Tournament hopes.

The ACC has decided to suspend Boeheim, the son of famed longtime Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim, because he decided to hit one of Florida State’s players.

Just, you know, don’t go around hitting people.

Syracuse basketball: Buddy Boeheim suspended after hitting Wyatt Wilkes

Wyatt Wilkes is the name of the man who was hit in the gut and it sure seems like Wilkes wasn’t thrilled to be hit.

Boeheim and Syracuse managed to absolutely demolish Florida State as they won 96-57. That win snapped a four-game losing streak and set Syracuse up to have some momentum moving forward.

However, because of this suspension from the ACC, Syracuse will now have to prepare for the Duke Blue Devils with Boeheim unable to play.

That’s actually a fairly significant loss for Syracuse. While he only scored 12 points against Florida State, Boeheim is averaging 19.3 points per game this season. Not having Boeheim available when Syracuse hosts the Blue Devils could have a fairly significant impact on the outcome of that game.

But, well, he hit someone. The ACC wasn’t exactly fond of that.

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