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Sepulcher of the First Ones RWF Recap


Mar 10, 2022

The Race to World First (RWF) is back for 2022 showing as Sepulcher of the First Ones (SFO). Here we’ll update our RWF Recap daily.

As with all new raids, we get to see the best guilds in the world flex their muscles. With action across the globe, with staggered releases and different tactics, it can be hard to track. Here, we’ll recap the main moments from the top 5 guilds and how their progress is going. This article will update each day once EU guilds are done for the day. For example, NA guilds began their Day One on March 8th, however, EU guilds won’t start until the morning of the 9th. Plus, our writers are based in the region, which makes it easier.


Current RWF Mythic Progress

Kills order from 1st to 3rd. Bosses with no guilds next to them are as yet un-killed. Boss kill links will be hyperlinked where possible. Boss order will change as guilds progress, boss order will be in kill order. You can see a full list of streaming guilds on our RWF Guide.

  • Vigilant Guardian – The Early Shift, Liquid
  • Skolex, the Insatiable Ravener – Liquid,
  • Dausegne –
  • Prototype Pantheon –
  • Lihuvim –
  • Artificer Xy´mox –
  • Halondrus the Reclaimer –
  • Anduin Wrynn –
  • Lord of Dread –
  • Rygelon –
  • The Jailer –

Day One – 8th till 10th (early am EU)


North America:

Well, it was an interesting start to the day. Of the guilds expected to challenge for the RWF title, none even attempted Mythic in the first few hours. In fact, many opted to finish Heroic (ignoring The Jailer) and moved on to farming split raids. In fact, Liquid even pushed forward their gear splits because they assumed no one could trade tier items with them.

Once NA guilds awoke on their second day it was more of the same. All the top guilds opted to keep farming Heroic with only a few guilds even entering Mythic. However, that all changed later in the PM as The Early Shift, started to make progress. After recording a few low 10% wipes, including a 4% people started to take notice. It would take them around two hours to knock the boss down, but knock it down they did. With that, they became the first guild to progress on Halondrus.

As we wrapped up day one, Liquid pushed down the next boss. After taking down Guardian, it took them just a few pulls to take down Skolex. As we left them for the night, as EU guilds logged off. Liquid had stopped for dinner with 23% the lowest pull on Xy’mox.


Europe pretty much followed what NA did on day one. Farm Heroic for tier, and get loads of split raids done. Europe is often slow out of the blocks, though with the usual advantage of watching NA kill bosses for them they normally catch up. It’ll be interesting to see if anything changes this tier, with so few guilds even pulling bosses.

For Europe, they ended up just sitting in Heroic for the first day getting loot. With NA guilds clearly progressing slowly, EU guilds seemed to just focus on gaining tier set. They’ll be hoping that Liquid is still at 2 bosses down by the time they begin tomorrow.

Rest of the World:

The highest guild outside of NA and Europe was the Australian guild, Honestly. Sitting outside the top 10, though they were the highest-ranking Alliance guild.

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