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Mar 10, 2022

In 2007, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords gave birth to an entirely new genre of game. A compelling fusion of match-3 puzzler and narrative RPG, it was completely unlike anything we’d seen before. In the years that followed, we saw a few new entries in the Puzzle Quest franchise, and plenty of titles clearly inspired by its innovative gameplay. 

The latest installment in the franchise, Puzzle Quest 3 is here to remind us of everything we loved about the original, while once more raising the bar for puzzle RPGs. 

Puzzle Quest 3

(Image credit: 505 Games)

Set five hundred years after the first game, Puzzle Quest 3 returns to the fantasy realm of Etheria, where dragonkind faces extinction at the hands of a new threat. It combines the franchise’s iconic gameplay with gorgeous 3D graphics, including fully animated conversations, stunning spells, and a revamped puzzle board.  The franchise’s signature gameplay mechanic returns in a challenging mix of diagonal gem matching while you frantically try to clear as many gems as possible under a fast paced countdown clock. As with previous installments, players are free to create and customize a hero that suits their exact playstyle.

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