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T3 Arena is an Upcoming Multiplayer Team Shooter


Mar 9, 2022

T3 Arena is a fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer shooter that’s set to land in early access on the Google Play Store later this month. And it’s already up for pre-registration on TapTap, if that’s your bag.

The game follows the shape of other hero shooters, letting you pick a character and team up with other players to take on your opponents. The rounds here are fast-paced, lasting three minutes each, and there are different modes to choose from too.

You’re going to get standard team deathmatch, as well as more complex modes, like Crystal Assault where you need to defend your own crystal while damaging the opposing team’s.

There are multiple heroes to unlock and level up, and the game lets you play solo or use voice chat to coordinate your attacks with your team. It’s also get auto-firing weapons, because buttons are for losers.

You can click here to pre-register for T3 Arena on TapTap. An early access launch on Google Play is set to kick off on March 17th. Which is in just over a week.

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