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Sony Seems To Have Quietly Upgraded The DualSense Controller


Mar 9, 2022

If you were considering buying, or have already bought one of the recently released new DualSense colour variants, specifically the Nova Pink, Galactic Purple and Starlight Blue, then you also in fact have an upgraded controller.In small ways, that is, as YouTuber TronicsFix pointed out after tearing down the new controller colours. According to their findings, the main differences lie in the trigger springs being slightly thicker, changes to the analogue stick that are presumably to avoid stick drift.On top of that, the whole layout of the controller seems to have been changed regarding the main board and chips.These changes are likely due to the feedback Sony has received now that people have been using their DualSense controllers for over a year now.Though they only currently seem to be included in the new colour variants, the all black and traditional white and black controllers will also likely get these changes as they continue to be produced.Source – [T3, YouTube]

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