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Sea of Thieves video outlines Season 6’s Sea Forts, new rewards, and more


Mar 9, 2022

The official content update video has arrived for Sea of Thieves, outlining everything that’s on the way with Season 6, including Sea Forts and new rewards.Season 6 brings with it haunted Sea Forts, which offer “shorter, easier challenges” than other Forts. You need to attack the fort and defeat waves of enemies to get the treasury key and claim the fort’s treasure, although the devs also advise “to have a rummage through the cupboards to see what else the Phantoms had stashed away.”The new and replayable Pirate Legend Voyage will arrive in the second half of Season 6, which also brings 100 levels of rewards (free to players) like the Dark Relics flag and sails, and the Naval Commander set. There will also be a Plunder Pass available to buy with 14 Pirate Emporium items. Sea of Thieves Season 6 starts on March 10th. Season 7 is set to arrive sometime in June, with Season 8 in September and Season 9 in December.

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