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PS Plus Games Sale Discounts Today: March 9, 2022


Mar 9, 2022

PS Plus subscribers get access to additional discounts in the current PS Store sale. For now, there are two sales on currently: the “Essential Picks” sale and the “PlayStation Indies” sale. The problem is that these PS Plus discounts can be difficult to sort from the normal sale prices. Thankfully, PSLS is here with all PS Plus games discounts for today, March 9, 2022.Best PS Plus Games Discounts for Today, March 9These are the best PS Plus games discounts for March 9:OwlboyAt $9.99 (down from the sale price of $12.49), Owlboy is a fantastic story-driven platform adventure game, where players can fly and explore a brand new world in the clouds. This is a love letter to pixel art for a new platform, complete with large dungeons and challenging boss battles. Owlboy impressed in the PlayStation LifeStyle review with its “beautiful world and characters,” “fluid, fun gameplay,” and how it “feels great with a DualShock controller.”Guacamelee! 2 CompleteFor the low price of $3.49 (further reduced down from $5.74), PS Plus subscribers can get Guacamelee! 2 and both of its DLC packs. This stylish metroidvania received extremely high praise in the PlayStation LifeStyle review, with the combat options, “real chicken combat,” and four-player co-op being highlighted as especially strong.PS Plus Free GamesThere are four free PS Plus games now available to download for March. These are Ghostrunner, Ark: Survival Evolved, Team Sonic Racing, and Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.All PS Plus Games Discounts for March 2022“PlayStation Indies” PS Store Sale#Funtime $4.491976 – Back to midway $7.997th Sector Collector’s Edition $7.49A Day Without Me $2.99Abo Khashem $5.99Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden $2.24Aery Games Bundle $22.49After the Fall Launch Edition $27.99Agent A: A puzzle in disguise $2.24Alexio $3.24Alien Destroyer $0.64Almost There: The Platformer $0.99Alteric $1.49Amazing Breaker $3.99Amnesia: Rebirth $10.49Among The Sleep Enhanced Edition $3.74Ancestors Legacy $6.99Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt $3.84Angry Video Game Nerd I and II Deluxe $7.49Anoxemia $3.19Apocalipsis: The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil $1.49Apsulov: End of Gods $19.49Archaica: The Path Of Light $2.24Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition $7.99Atom RPG $13.79Avatar Full Game Bundle Rally Racing $2.79Away: The Survival Series $14.99Axis Football 2018 $3.99Axis Football 2020 $13.49Axis Football 2021 $20.99Bartender VR Simulator $11.99Batu Ta Batu $1.99Bdsm: Big Drunk Satanic Massacre $5.99Beach Buggy Racing 2: Hot Wheels Edition $12.14Beat Blaster $7.99BFF or Die $2.39Big Dipper $1.24Big Pharma $5.99Biped $5.99Birdcakes $1.49Blackhole Complete Edition $2.99Blair Witch $8.99Blasters of the Universe $3.74Blastful $0.79Blastful Vintage Bundle $1.39BloodRayne 2: ReVamped $13.99BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites $12.99BloodRayne: ReVamped $13.99Bloody Zombies $2.99Bonfire Peaks $13.99Bonfire Peaks Game and Soundtrack Bundle $17.49Boom Blaster $2.79Boris The Rocket $5.99Brave Match $0.99BraveMatch Fantasy Bundle $1.39Breeder Homegrown: Director’s Cut $1.49Bubsy: Paws on Fire! $4.99Cake Bash $12.99Cannon Brawl $2.99Castle Of Pixel Skulls $1.99Castle on the Coast $9.74Castles $1.99Cattch $3.99Caves and Castles: Underworld $2.79Chernobylite $22.49Chicken Range $2.49Circus Pocus $3.24Citadel: Forged with Fire $7.99Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink $2.24ComeOnKitty $5.99Conglomerate 451: Overloaded $6.49Contraptions $2.49Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2/3 Bundle!! $7.49Crash Dummy $2.49Crossbow Crusade $2.24Dance Collider $3.99Dark Arcana: The Carnival $2.24Dark Thrones $2.24Darkestville Castle $4.49Darkness Rollercoaster Definitive Edition $1.99Darknet $3.74Darksiders Genesis $7.99Darkwood $6.74Darkwood Special Edition $7.19Dawn of Man $7.49Daymare: 1998 $7.99Dead Dungeon $0.49Dead Dust $2.24Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today $7.99Death Tales $1.99Death Tales: Plague Universe Trilogy Bundle $2.79Deep Sky Derelicts Definitive Edition $4.99Deiland $3.74Deleveled $2.99Detective Stories Bundle $7.19Die With Glory $2.79Die Young $4.61Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival $1.99Dissection $0.99Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality $16.24Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins $8.44Doors&Rooms $5.99Drawngeon: Dungeons of Ink and Paper $0.99Dreaming Canvas $0.89Dungeon and Gravestone $9.99Dustwind – The Last Resort $11.69Dyna Bomb $3.24Dysmantle $12.99Eagle Island Twist $6.49Earth Marines $2.99Emily Wants To Play $2.49Emily Wants to Play Too $3.99Enigmatis Collection $5.39Eternity: The Last Unicorn $3.99Eventide Collection $3.59Everspace Stellar Edition $5.99Fade to Silence $5.99Farm Frenzy: Refreshed $5.99Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark $8.69Fight’N Rage $7.99Fishing: North Atlantic $24.49Flipping Death $2.99Fluxteria $2.44Flying Soldiers $5.75Football Nation VR And Sports Bar VR Bundle $4.64Football Nation VR Tournament 2018 $1.49Foregone $4.99Fracked $17.99Freaky Awesome $5.19From Shadows $1.74Fuga: Melodies of Steel $29.99Fuga: Melodies of Steel Deluxe Edition $44.99Galaxy Squad $3.99Genetic Disaster $1.49Ghost Giant $7.49Ghost Sweeper $3.24Glittering Sword $1.99Globetrotter Bundle $5.39Goat Simulator: The GOATY $3.74Golazo! $2.24Gothic Murder: Adventure That Changes Destiny $4.19Grim Legends Collection $5.39Grood $0.99Guacamelee! 2 Complete $3.44Guardian of Lore $7.69Guards $0.49Gungungun $2.49Gunkid 99 $3.49Haimrik $1.99Hampuzz $2.26HardCube $2.09Heavenly Bodies $12.99Heliborne $19.49Hellmut: The Badass From Hell $13.49Hellpoint $10.49Help Will Come Tomorrow $2.99Henchman Story $8.99Hide & Dance! $2.99Historical Trilogy $13.49Hive: Altenum Wars $1.49Hive: Altenum Wars Deluxe Edition $1.94Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition $2.09Honor and Duty: D-Day $1.49Horizon Shift ’81 $2.24Horned Knight $2.99Horror Stories $0.49Infinite Arrow $2.39Into A Dream $2.79Ion Fury $7.24Islanders: Console Edition $4.19JigSaw Abundance $1.74JigSaw Abundance CyberPunk Bundle $0.99Jigsaw Finale $2.24JigSaw Solace $1.39Karma. Incarnation 1 $4.19Kawaii Deathu Desu $1.39Kholat $2.99Knight Squad 2 $10.49Layers of Fear 2 $2.99Layers of Fear VR $11.99Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds $1.99Liege Dragon $8.99Lost Castle $3.99Lost Ember $8.99Lost Wing $2.39Luckslinger $2.49Lumini $2.49Mad Runner $2.79Magicka 2: Special Edition $3.99Manifold Garden Deluxe Edition $14.99Mask of Mists $5.99May’s Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville $8.24Memory Lane $1.39Memory Lane 2 $1.79Memory Lane Space Bundle $0.79Merrily Perrilly $1.74Mighty Aphid $2.74Mind Labyrinth VR and Brain Beats Bundle $12.49Mind Maze $1.99Mini Madness $4.99Mom Hid My Game! $2.99Mom Hid My Game! 2 $2.99Moon Raider $1.99Morphite $7.49Mr. Massagy $2.39Mutant Football League $3.74Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition $12.99My Hidden Things $2.09My Memory of Us $3.44My Name is Mayo $0.59Naught $3.99Need a Packet? $2.09Nerved $4.04Nerved Horror Bundle $3.14Nine Witches: Family Disruption $9.99Note: A Composer and a Note $3.59Nuclear Corps $1.94Obey Me $7.99One Dog Story $4.49Operation Warcade $6.99Owlboy $9.99Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul $8.99Perfect Angle $3.49Phlegethon $1.94Pierhead Arcade $5.24Pine $3.74Pixel Gladiator $0.49Playstige Holiday Bundle $4.49Pool and Snooker Bundle $4.19Pool Nation $2.99Postal Redux $3.99Premium Gamer Avatar Bundle $0.99Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again $1.49Pukan, Bye-Bye! $3.24Puzzle Frenzy $2.24Puzzling Places $13.99Quick Mafs $0.84Rainswept $2.49Raji: An Ancient Epic $9.99Rally Racing $2.79RandomSpin Bundle 1 $3.83RandomSpin Bundle 2 $3.83Rebel Galaxy Outlaw $8.99Red Matter $3.74Redout: Lightspeed Edition $9.99Redout: Space Assault $5.99Restless Night $2.99Reverie Knights Tactics $18.74RiME $4.49River City Girls PS4 and PS5 $17.99Road Fury $2.24Roarr! Jurassic Edition $1.49Roundguard $6.99Run Little Hero $2.39Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure $3.49Sairento VR $9.49Santa’s Xmas Adventure $0.99Scrap Garden $4.19Sea of memories $3.49Sense – A Cyberpunk Ghost Story $9.99Seven: Enhanced Edition $5.99Shadow Man Remastered $13.99Sheepo $6.04Shing! $1.99Shooty Fruity $5.99Shred! 2 – ft Sam Pilgrim $3.84Shuttle Commander $9.99Signs of the Sojourner $12.99Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption $3.79Slain: Back from Hell $3.74Snakeybus $5.99Snooker Nation Championship $2.69Space Intervention $0.64Spirit Roots $4.54Sports Bar VR $3.74SRX: The Game $19.99Steampunk Tower 2 $2.99Steel Rats $1.99Steel Rats Deluxe Edition $2.99Strategic Mind Bundle: Blitzkrieg and The Pacific $27.49Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg $16.49Strategic Mind: The Pacific $16.49Stretch Arcade $0.39Strike Force 2 – Terrorist Hunt $10.79Subnautica: Below Zero $17.99Summer in Mara $7.49Summer In Mara Special Edition $10.79Summer in Mara and Deiland Bundle $9.99Super Blood Hockey $5.24Surviving the Aftermath $20.99Sweet Witches $1.49Symmetry $2.69Synergia $7.49Tamarin $11.99Tamarin Deluxe Edition $15.99Terra Bomber $2.49Terra Lander $2.49Terra Lander II – Rockslide Rescue $2.49The Amazing American Circus $8.99The Assembly $4.49The Bridge $1.49The dice is cast $7.79The Exorcist: Legion VR – Complete Series $14.99The Great Perhaps $2.99The Journey Down: Chapter One $1.04The Journey Down: Chapter Two $2.99The Journey Down: Chapter Three $3.99The Longest Road on Earth $7.49The Procession to Calvary $9.74The Skylia Prophecy $3.49The StoryTale $2.99They Are Billions $5.99This is the Zodiac Speaking $3.89Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition $2.49Through the Woods $5.79Timothy vs the Aliens $3.39Tina’s Toy Factory $0.89Titanic VR $7.99Tokyo Run $0.64Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing $14.99Touring Karts $6.99Treasure Hunter Simulator $4.99True Fear: Forsaken Souls – Part 1 $2.49True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 2 $2.49Tumblestone $3.74Ty the Tasmanian Tiger HD $14.99Unbound: Worlds Apart $14.99Uncanny Valley $3.24Undead Horde $6.79UnderMine $9.99Unruly Heroes $7.99Unspottable $6.79Until You Fall $12.49Unto The End $13.74Urban Trial Tricky Deluxe Edition $5.99Vagante $11.24Valentine Theme and Avatar Bundle $2.24Valfaris $9.99Vegas Party $3.24Virtual Surfing $15.99VRobot $3.74War Tech Fighters $7.99Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector $27.99Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut $2.99We. The Revolution $3.99WeakWood Throne $2.49Whiskey Mafia: Leo’s Family $3.24Willy Jetman: Astromonkey´s Revenge $7.49Witch Hunter $2.24World Quiz $2.49Wreckfest Complete Edition $19.99YesterMorrow $7.99Yoga Master Deluxe Edition $17.49Yoko and Yuki: Dr. Rat’s Revenge $1.99Zombo Buster Rising $2.99“Essential Picks” PS Store SaleDisco Elysium The Final Cut $21.99Astro Bot Rescue Mission $5.99Darkest Dungeon: Ancestral Edition $5.99Darksiders: Fury’s Collection War and Death $5.99Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted $11.99Moss $11.99Arizona Sunshine Deluxe Edition $11.24Pillars of Eternity Complete Edition $9.99Age of Wonders: Planetfall Deluxe Edition $8.99Trover Saves the Universe $8.99Creaks $6.99Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction United Bundle $41.99Marvel’s Iron Man VR $15.99SteamWorld Dig 2 $4.99Rogue Stormers $3.99Sundered: Eldritch Edition $3.99Jotun: Valhalla Edition $2.99SteamWorld Heist $2.99Pets No More $1.99SteamWorld Dig $1.99Hitman 2 $14.99Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete Edition $14.99Spiritfarer $13.49After the Fall Deluxe Edition $34.99The Last of Us Part II Digital Deluxe Edition $24.99Hitman Trilogy $49.99F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch $20.99Marvel’s Iron Man VR Digital Deluxe Edition $19.99Desperados III Digital Deluxe $19.59Jett: The Far Shore $19.49Art of Rally $16.24Empire of Sin $15.99Catherine: Full Body Digital Deluxe Edition $12.49A Gummy’s Life $11.99Control Ultimate Edition $11.99Still hunting for a PS5 to play all of these new games on? Check out today’s PSLS PS5 Restock Update for the latest drop info.In other PlayStation news, a way to pause Elden Ring has been discovered. Also, Ubisoft, Activision, and Take-Two Interactive have all halted game sales in Russia.

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