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NRG Grady Rains to host April LAN featuring top players & FNCS winners


Mar 9, 2022

Competitive Fortnite is on the brink of its most significant LAN event in years, thanks to NRG’s Executive Producer Grady Rains.

Following the first Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) of 2022, Rains invited all winners to gather at the NRG Content Castle. At first, it seemed to be a pipe dream, considering COVID-19 and the obvious travel issues that could arise. In any case, Rains has since confirmed the event will occur soon, with many well-known Fortnite players set to make the journey. 

Grady Rains Extends Invite to the World’s Best

Rains tweeted an invitation to all Duo FNCS winners willing to make the trip to Los Angeles, California. This NRG-sponsored gathering would bring the best players together for a mini All-Star/World Cup-style event. Rains even offered to front the cash for flights and hotels for those looking to participate. 

He commented on his desire to make this a reality, saying, “Just want to help build some momentum in the community feel like we’re overdue for something like this.”

FNCS Winners Show Interest

FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 winners responded to the tweet positively. European Axe of Champions holders — Henrik “GUILD Hen” McLean and Aleksa “Queasy” Cvetkovic — both showed interest, as did NA East winner Mero, NA West winners Snacky and Favs and Brazilian FNCS Champs Kitoz and Phzin. Some non-FNCS winners might also appear according to a follow-up tweet by NRG Grady Rains. 

LAN Event Targeted for April 16

Rains kept the community informed throughout the process of creating this event. He confirmed shortly after the announcement that two out of the seven Duos had already booked their flight to Los Angeles. While some might not make the trip due to visa issues, fans can expect a stacked list of players. 

Perhaps the most exciting part of the NRG Castle event is that Rains provided a targeted date of April 16. Many of the details are unknown at this point, but the initial tweet referenced 2v2 show matches utilizing different creative game modes. We can expect a prize pool of some sort to be on the line for participants. 

The Most Anticipated LAN Event in Years?

If NRG and Grady Rains pull through, this could be the best Fortnite LAN event that we’ve seen in years. The COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately, forced all competitors into an online environment. As a result, there has not been a full-scale offline tournament since early 2020. It would be a pleasure to watch the world’s current FNCS Champions square off in a LAN setting. 

Grady Rains hopes to have more information regarding the event on Sunday. We’ll be sure to keep you updated when that eventually occurs.

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Featured Image: NRG on YouTube

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