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Nothing will preview its 2022 product roadmap on March 23


Mar 9, 2022

The truth and Nothing but the truth – puns aside, Carl Pei’s new company, Nothing, has scheduled an event for March 23 (at 14:00 GMT) that is called “The Truth”. At that event the company will reveal new product launches that are coming in 2022.

Yes, we’re all thinking it, this is probably about the much-rumored Nothing smartphone that Pei was allegedly showing off to Cristiano Amon, Qualcomm’s CEO. And we can’t help but notice the little Qualcomm logo tucked in the bottom right of the event’s landing page (Nothing is an official Qualcomm partner).

Here is a quick teaser for the event, which asks “What if 2021 was just a warm up?” (the company’s first product, the Nothing ear (1), launched in late July of 2021).

So far there have been no real leaks about the Nothing phone, only mentions that it exists. We may see more of it in the next couple of weeks, officially or unofficially, Pei has years of experience launching new products from his OnePlus stint.

Nothing has raised $144 million in funding and is preparing for a second round of community investment. The company is a team of 300 people and has sold over 400,000 units of the ear (1) buds in 6 months.

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