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Hoopa Guide, Best Moveset And Held Items


Mar 9, 2022

Some helpful information for Hoopa, a new character in Pokemon Unite in our Hoopa Guide.

It was not long when we saw Hoopa come into Pokemon Unite. It is a supporter, Psychic/Ghost-type Pokemon. We don’t have a lot of support characters in the game, but Hoopa is unique as a support and is enjoyable to play. Here is a quick breakdown of Movesets and Held Items for this small yet powerful character in Pokemon Unite.  For all the information you need, check out the Pokemon Unite Hoopa Guide below.


We think Shadow Ball and Hyperspace Hole is the best bet you have with this Pokemon. The latter is available at level 4 when players will get an option to choose between Hyperspace Hole and Trick. Shadow Ball is available at level 6 and is a very low cooldown ability, coming on at just 4.5 seconds. Once a player casts Shadow Ball, it damages and slows the enemy. The ability also has an aftereffect that stuns the enemy if the caster uses another ability or boosted attack. This means players can use Hyperspace in sync with Shadow Ball to incapacitate the enemy and deal damage.

Held Items

Hoopa has very standard items and is not anything special, considering it is a supporting character. We start with Muscle Band to help gain some damage on basic attacks. The second item of choice is, of course, Buddy Barrier. It will help Hoopa be tankier during Unite Move and help allies share the benefits. Lastly, we use Choice Specs, which will increase our special attack damage. This is the only item that is a bit different in its arsenal. However, we are playing Hoopa more as a damage dealer and these items will work in that regard.

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