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Export your locked achievement list


Mar 9, 2022

We know many people like to extract data from TrueAchievements and keep their own spreadsheets of their game collection and achievement data.Until now, it’s only been possible to download a list of achievements you’ve already unlocked, but we’ve just added a way for you to download locked achievement data as well.Please note this is a TrueAchievements Pro account feature.How to download your locked achievement dataTo download your locked achievement data, go to your My Achievements page (from your main menu, gamer menu, or the achievement icon in your gamer panel on your homepage).On this page, you will see a list of “My unlocked achievements” — these are the achievements you have recently unlocked. If you click the ‘More filter options’ button, you can change this list to Achievements not won.This reloads the list below and changes the title of the page to “My locked achievements.” If you now click the download icon above the ‘More filter options’ button, you will download a .csv file containing the following information:Game nameAchievement nameAchievement page urlGamerscoreTrueAchievement scoreDLC Name (if from a DLC pack)Unachieveable (will be TRUE if you can no longer unlock this achievement) Check back tomorrow for the next Community Month site update!

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