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Every Mouthful Mode We’ve Seen


Mar 9, 2022

Kirby's body morphs into a horrifying shape as he consumes an entire car.

He’s fine.
Screenshot: Nintendo

Yesterday, Nintendo’s official YouTube account graced us with a new trailer for the upcoming 3D open-world game, Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Sure, the trailer shows off some of the pink puffball’s new copy abilities and talks a bit about the world, but by far the most…interesting?…segment is the one showcasing all the giant inanimate objects Kirby can vore with his horrifying new mouthful mode. Here’s a full breakdown of what those objects are and the abilities he gains from nomming down on them.

Car Mouth, the mouthful mode that took the internet by storm during February’s Nintendo Direct, offers Kirby a speedy means of transportation around Forgotten Land’s dystopian environment. With his mouth and body wrapped tight around the vehicle’s upper half, he can somehow maneuver it to jump ramps, drift across tight corners like he was in Initial D, and commit hit-and-runs.

The entirety of Kirby's body covers the roof of a rusty blue car.

2 Fast 2 Poyo.
Screenshot: Nintendo

Cone Mouth, as one might ascertain by the name alone, involves Kirby noshing on a traffic cone. The Nintendo voiceover man states that this mode allows players to “show the ground that you’ve got a point.” That point involves Kirby diving headfirst into a crack in the ground to reveal collectible goodies previously hidden in the dirt, which is a real sentence I just typed. Personally, I think this mouthful mode is a bit of a stretch even for Kirby. Cone Mouth’s ability doesn’t exactly line up with what flimsy rubber cones can do. Unless that traffic cone has Yakuza’s Goro Majima, the lunatic mafioso with a penchant for construction hidden away inside of it, I find it hard to believe that a traffic cone is durable enough to dig through the ground.

Stars sparkle around Kirby as his body shapes around a traffic cone.

Kirby Everywhere System.
Screenshot: Nintendo

Ring Mouth, the mouthful mode in which Kirby resembles a Golbat from Pokémon, allows Kirby to “command the wind.” As shown in the Forgotten Lands overview trailer, Kirby inhales some sort of gigantic ring which allows him to take a deep breath and blow a powerful gust of wind to move a sailboat. Hopefully that ring isn’t one of Sonic’s giant dimension-hopping rings, or the blue chili-dog-loving hedgehog is in for a rude pink awakening.

Kirby's Mouthful Mode changes his body to resemble a lifebuoy.

Kirby used screech.
Screenshot: Nintendo

The next couple of mouthful modes were revealed rapid-fire succession, so here’s my interpretation for what these other powers do.

  • Light-bulb Mouth: Kirby can light up his path in dark environments.
  • Arch Mouth: After eating a hang glider, Kirby has the gift of flight.
  • Water-balloon Mouth: Kirby’s body inflates after consuming a monsoon’s worth of water and blasts enemies like a firehose.
  • Stair Mouth: Kirby swallows a set of stairs, which seems handy for repositioning them so he can reach otherwise unreachable areas.
  • Dome Mouth: Um, he can basically become a giant bottle opener for chests that might have imprisoned Waddle Dees inside.
  • Pipe Mouth: My man turns into a giant pink pipe that can roll down a hill and crack open hidden walls. Craziest shit I’ve ever seen.


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