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Dying Light update to add 60fps mode on Xbox Series X soon


Mar 9, 2022

Techland has dropped a current-gen patch for Dying Light on PlayStation with three new video modes, and says the Xbox upgrade is “coming soon.””Console players! A next-gen patch has come to PlayStation, bringing quality improvements and enhancing your gameplay experience even more,” Techland says. “Try out the new video modes and enjoy the increased view distance while parkouring through Harran!” The devs later clarify that this patch is for Dying Light, and that the Dying Light 2: Stay Human patch is “coming soon.”On Xbox Series X, there will be a Performance mode with 60fps in full HD, a Balanced mode targeting 60fps in QHD, and a High-Resolution mode which “offers 30fps in 4K.” On Xbox Series S and Xbox One, there will be the Performance mode with 30fps in full HD and the High-Resolution mode with 30fps in QHD.We don’t yet have a date for the Xbox upgrade, just that it’s “coming soon.” We’ll keep you updated.

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