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Doctor Participates in Console Wars During Surgery


Mar 9, 2022

A doctor based in India is under fire for making a video of himself partaking in Twitter console wars during a surgical procedure. Yes, you read that right. Known only as Dr Shreeveera, who apparently hosts a podcast named PS Vortex, the PlayStation fan tweeted a video of himself during laparoscopic cholecystectomy (gallbladder surgery), boasting about his profession to those who doubted his capabilities. “Here I am after inducing anesthesia, intubating and putting a patient on controlled mechanical ventilation for a laparoscopic cholecystectomy case in OR,” Shreeveera tweeted. “Slandering my identity, profession because you Xbots can’t argue facts!” He then went on to claim that his job is saving lives and console wars is merely a hobby. The most harrowing aspect of his video was that viewers could clearly see his patient laying in the background.Dr Shreeveera is no stranger to console warsBefore he deleted his Twitter profile, I took a look at Shreeveera’s timeline, which was full of anti-Xbox inflammatory content. His video didn’t exactly get the response he imagined, and seeing the backlash, Shreeveera delivered an apology on YouTube, in which he not only justified his actions but claimed that he had the patient’s consent to make the controversial video. The entire YouTube channel has been deleted now but I can confirm that I watched the video before Shreeveera scrubbed his online existence. Internet users identified Medihope Hospitals And Research Centre as his employer and have since contacted the hospital to express their concerns. The hospital has yet to comment on the fiasco. Image credit: DexertoOpinion: Nastiest case of console wars I’ve seen in recent yearsZarmena writes… Shreeveera managed to achieve something pretty rare: bringing PlayStation and Xbox fans together online, who unanimously condemned his actions and attempted to reach out to his hospital to make the management aware of just what he had done. I am not well-versed in Indian medical field laws but I find it hard to imagine that this would be legal anywhere. Consent or no consent, this was nasty and uncalled for, and I sincerely hope some lessons have been learned here.In other news, claiming Ghost of Tsushima Legends PS Plus version is locking players out of PS5 Director’s Cut upgrade discount, and don’t forget that there’s a State of Play later today.[Source: Dexerto via ResetEra]

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