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Wrestler reviews Elden Ring in the middle of a match


Mar 8, 2022

It’s a great job, but it can be challenging to review videogames like Elden Ring. You’ve got tight embargoes, a need to be fair in your critiques, and million angry fans ready to deliver a stream of vitriol if you score a popular release a point too high or too low. Normally, however, you don’t have to deliver your opinions in the middle of a wrestling ring as a group of large, sweaty men attempt to throw you over the top rope.

Yet that’s exactly how AEW wrestler Evil Uno delivered his verdict on Elden Ring. During the tag team casino battle royale match on the March 2 episode of AEW Dynamite, Uno was on the ropes – literally – and called for help from rival wrestler Brandon Cutler, who was filming for an episode of the Being the Elite vlog. (Start at the 4:39 mark.)

“I haven’t played Elden Ring yet,” Cutler shouts. Evil Uno responds “yes, it’s very good. You should play Elden Ring!” Uno then collapses to the mat. (Sadly, Uno was not victorious in the match.)

A tweet from Uno today suggests that this will be the start of a series of mid-match game reviews.

If you’re not one to keep up with wrestling these days, the thing to keep in mind is that modern wrestlers are just super-athletic nerds. Uno played Elden Ring on release day on his personal Twitch channel. Fellow AEW wrestler Jade Cargill turned up to last weekend’s pay-per-view in Mortal Kombat cosplay. Heck, an early episode of AEW Dynamite even featured Kenny Omega in a Sans costume making an entrance to the tune of Megalovania.

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It’s no wonder fans are still waging a sign war over their favourite RPG games.

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