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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ “endlessly replayable” Chaos Chamber dungeon revealed


Mar 8, 2022

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ core endgame content will be an “endlessly replayable” dungeon called Chaos Chamber, which contains six rooms, a mini-boss, and a main boss that will all need to be defeated to earn a chest full of loot.Gearbox Software has revealed the core endgame content for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: a multi-room dungeon filled with enemies which can have its difficulty altered by various methods, and is connected by ever-shifting portals. Players can choose between two portals after each room, which will determine the challenge of the next room. Working your way through Chaos Chamber will see you fighting your way through three randomised rooms of enemies before taking on the dungeon’s mini-boss. After that you’ll need to work your way through three additional rooms to reach the main boss and claim a chest full of loot, and in-game currency for the Enchantment Re-roller called Moon Orbs.Chaos Chambers’ difficulty, bonuses, and contents can be altered by three factors: Crystals, Blessings, and Curses. Crystals can be collected by completing randomly assigned optional side objectives and by smashing a rainbow-glowing die that spawns at the end of a room clear. Crystals can be spent at rabbit statues within Chaos Chamber to upgrade your gear, meaning you’ll need to run the dungeon to use the upgrades within during the endgame. Blessings and Curses are buffs and debuffs, the former of which can be activated at altars for bonuses like critical damage, ammo, and movement speed increases, but you’ll need to spend your hard-earned Crystals for the privilege. Curses are the opposite of Blessings and debuff your stats to make your run more difficult. The catch, though, is that you’ll earn better rewards for completing runs with active Curses.Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands launches in just over two weeks’ time on March 25th. Will you be hopping in for the D&D-style goodness? Let us know down below!

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