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Lost Judgment gets The Kaito Files story expansion later this month


Mar 8, 2022

Lost Judgment’s upcoming four-chapter story expansion, The Kaito Files, will be available on March 28th for all platforms and features two fighting styles, a drama-filled storyline, and more.If you’ve already smashed your way through the Lost Judgment achievements and require a new Yakuza-style challenge, then you’re in luck, because The Kaito Files will be available in a couple of weeks’ time. With Yagami out of town, the story focuses on the Yagami Detective Agency’s muscle, Kaito, who picks up a new case that thrusts him into a storyline filled with drama — where did Kaito’s old flame, Mikiko, disappear to, is Jun really Maiko’s son, why did Kaito and Mikiko split up, and what does a dark faction have to do with her? If you want to find answers to those questions, you’ll need to use Kaito’s two fighting styles, Bruiser and Tank, sniff out clues by using Kaito’s Primal Focus ability (like a dog, woof), and search Kamurocho for collectable items.The Kaito Files will be available for all Lost Judgment players on March 28th as a standalone purchase or as part of the Lost Judgment Ultimate Edition or Season Pass. Will you be looking to explore this intriguing new story? Let us know down in the comments.

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