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Get this RTX 3060 gaming laptop for just £720 right now


Mar 8, 2022

Gaming laptops generally hit specific price points and anything that deviates from the norm stands out, one way or another. This MSI laptop available over on Argos is so much less than you’d normally expect to pay that we couldn’t help but start picking apart the specifications to try and see what massive compromises have been made to try and hit that price point. There’s nothing obvious though, and from the specification, you’d normally have to hand over closer to £1,000 for such a machine, not the £720 being asked

The good news is that the CPU and GPU are both quality items, and not at all what you’d expect to see at this price point. The GPU is obviously really important for a gaming machine, and here you’re looking at an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 complete with 6GB of GDDR6. This is the 85W GPU, so not the fastest version of the 3060, but it’s not bad by any stretch. 

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