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Battlefield 2042 update adds new scoreboard


Mar 8, 2022

It’s been a long time coming, but Battlefield is finally getting a new scoreboard, thanks to update 3.3, which also brings with it numerous bug fixes. Based on community feedback, update 3.3 refreshes Battlefield 2042’s scoreboard UI. According to DICE, “Match Overview has been improved and placed on the left of the screen; this still retains information about the match, objective progression and ticket counters as well as personal stats such as Kills, Assists, and Deaths, alongside your current in-game ping.”The scoreboard also now features a “team vs team split” for team-based modes such as Conquest, Breakthrough, Rush, and Team Deathmatch, as well as a deaths stat. DICE says there are more changes coming to the scoreboard in future updates, based upon player feedback. One change that’s coming is the scoreboard being available during end of round screens. The update also fixes an Xbox One crash bug, as well as several other bugs, and allows Battlefield 2042 Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, Year 1 Pass, Year 1 Pass and Ultimate Pack upgrade owners to download the Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle “as a thank you for your loyalty from the entire Battlefield team.” You can read the patch notes in full on the Battlefield website. Battlefield 2042’s next update, which is apparently set to drop in early April, will include even more fixes, will introduce VOIP functionality for Squads, and makes it so the new scoreboard appears at the end of a round.Update 3.3 for Battlefield 2042 is available to download now on all platforms. Are you still playing Battlefield 2042 or is it now firmly uninstalled from your Xbox? Let us know down in the comments.

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