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Jackson Mahomes apologizes for ‘accidentally’ being on Sean Taylor logo


Oct 18, 2021

After sparking outrage for dancing on Sean Taylor’s No. 21 logo in Washington, Jackson Mahomes took to social media to issue an apology. 

Far too often embroiled in some type of controversy, Jackson Mahomes — the brother of Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes — was under fire on Sunday as he was in Washington to watch Kansas City play.

On Sean Taylor Day for the Football Team, Mahomes found himself on a roped-off part of the field after being one of a few people told to go there for whatever reason. And somehow, he thought that would be an opportunity to dance for a TikTok.

Naturally, many fans saw this as disrespectful and weren’t shy about saying as much.

So in the wake of a ton of backlash for dancing on the logo, Jackson Mahomes took to Twitter to issue an apology, though doing so in a strange manner:

Jackson Mahomes apologized for being on the Sean Taylor logo but might’ve missed the point.

Look, Jackson Mahomes deserves the benefit of the doubt for not meaning to disrespect Sean Taylor and his family.

On top of that, there is probably some truth to the fact that they were directed to stand in that area, which is no his fault, even if it’s a terrible look.

Even so, the fact that he didn’t once mention dancing on the logo in his apology means that he likely doesn’t understand the point of why people are mad.

Sure, it’s not the best look that he and anyone else were on the No. 21 logo at all — but that’s on Washington as an organization for allowing that to happen. Once Mahomes was there, though, he didn’t have to go out and do a dance. Yet he did. And that’s highly unfortunate.

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