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Guardian’s of the Galaxy system requirements demand 150GB of disk space


Oct 18, 2021

System requirements for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy have appeared on its Steam page, and some of the specs aren’t that high for a game that’s going to launch with a bunch of PC-specific graphical improvements. The minimum GPU requirement calls for a GTX 1060 or a Radeon RX 570, while the recommended GPU is a GTX 1660 Super or an RX 590. On the other hand, you’ll need to have 150GB free to install what is probably not a hugely long singleplayer game.

To put that in perspective, it’s just ahead of Hitman 2 with all the DLC, which is basically the entire first game as well and comes in at 149GB. Looking at some of the other biggest install sizes on PC, it’s still well behind the combined Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone at 231GB, but ahead of Microsoft Flight Simulator, which includes the entire planet Earth and yet is still only 127GB.

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