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Minecraft’s 1.19 update is The Wild – here’s what’s confirmed so far


Oct 17, 2021

Minecraft Live 2021 has come and gone, but not without a whole lot of detail about what to expect from Minecraft‘s next update. Well, Minecraft’s next next update. The 1.18 release date with many of the Caves and Cliffs part two features is still coming this year, but now Minecraft 1.19 has been confirmed as The Wild update, launching in 2022.

The Wild will feature a major swamp update including mangrove trees. Mangrove trees will grow from propagules which can be planted underwater or on land, and they’ll grow up into big masses of root blocks with vines hanging down around them. You can harvest them for a new wood type. You’ll also find full-on mangrove swamp biomes.

Frogs will also debut here, complete with animated croaks. They’ll start as tadpoles (which you can put into a bucket), and grow into one of three variant frogs – snowy, swamp, or tropical – based on the temperature of the biome they mature in. Frogs will eat fireflies, which are also getting added in The Wild, and will hop toward lily pads when they can – they might also be tempted into a fall by dripleaves.

You can get mud by pouring water on dirt – true both in real life, and when it comes to the new mud block. You can place a mud block on top of dripstone to drain the moisture out and turn it to clay, or you can turn it into mud bricks for a new building material.

Perhaps most importantly, we’re also getting boats with chests in them – pretty self-explanatory. The devs suggest the wider rivers introduced with the new world generation features will be a perfect excuse to take your storage-enhanced boats out for a spin.

The allay mob, which won the vote this year, will be part of 1.19, too.

The Deep Dark features have been delayed out of Caves and Cliffs part two into The Wild update, and the devs at Mojang showed off how the skulk spreads with a catalyst block, and noisy shrieker traps that will summon the Warden.

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The Wild update is due to launch sometime in 2022.

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