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Lane Kiffin tweet after Ole Miss-Tennessee chaos was perfection


Oct 17, 2021

A Lane Kiffin tweet spoke more than the character limit when he reacted to getting pelted with a golf ball following chaos at the end of Ole Miss-Tennessee.

College Football rivalries often times call for superlatives to be attached to key moments. Saturday’s chaos in Knoxville will go down as The Golf Ball Incident after Tennessee fans foamed at the mouth and drooled all over any respectability other SEC fan bases assumed they had.

After what Ole Miss radio called four hours of praising the awesome atmosphere, Vols fans imploded like a collapsing sun and the stadium descended into knuckle dragging buffoonery that makes even the loudest mouth breathing football crowds consider a switch to breathing through the nose.

The Golf Ball Incident prompted by the Neanderthals at Neyland.

Tennessee took a shot downfield on a fourth-and24 play that appeared to have worked. Officials, however, ruled that tight end Jacob Warren was stopped just short of the first down marker which resulted in a turnover on downs and effectively ended any hope the Vols had of continuing a  upset game-winning drive.

To put it as kindly as possible, fans were not pleased and began pelting Ole Miss players, coaches, and cheerleaders with objects ranging from bottles to golf balls. Kiffin was the target of the golf ball attack, but he managed to take it in stride after the game.

Lane Kiffin tweet after Ole Miss-Tennessee chaos goes viral

Kiffin had not one but two epic reactions on Twitter to the fiasco in Knoxville.

The first one was a direct response to the official Tennessee Twitter account, using a perfect Seinfeld GIF:

That’s the one that went viral, because how could it not? Kiffin was already embracing the hatred that awaited him at Neyland Stadium so this was as perfect a bookend to the experience as we could have hoped for. It’s a gigantic bummer that the moment needed to happen because Vols fans decided to turn into a psychotic mob of losers — both literally and figuratively — but Kiffin once again managed to get the upper hand.

The other twist of the knife (or flex, depending on your perspective) was prompted by ESPN’s Marty Smith asking for reaction GIFs to the chaos at the end of the game.

Kiffin used the opportunity to call game:

It was an otherwise horrible situation when considering the circumstances that led to these genius reactions on Twitter. Football is a game, and even in the Deep South where the lines between reality and fiction are regularly blurred, it was a disgusting scene to see unfold.

Leave it to Lane Kiffin to once again not only leave Knoxville under duress once again, but also manage to come out on the other end looking much better than the mess he left behind.

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