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Lane Kiffin has priceless reaction to escaping Tennessee with win, alive


Oct 17, 2021

Lane Kiffin and the Ole Miss Rebels witnessed an ugly scene in a hard win at Tennessee but his reaction to the Neyland Stadium ruckus was perfection.

It was not the best of nights for Lane Kiffin in the Ole Miss Rebels in the head coach’s first trip to Neyland Stadium since his much-maligned — especially by Vols fans — tenure with Tennessee football.

Sure, they got the win in a 31-26 affair. But late in the game after a fourth down from Tennessee came up short, even after review, fans lost their minds as they started throwing trash onto the field so incessantly that the game was stopped for 20-ish minutes. Kiffin was even hit by a golf ball during the madness.

So after the Rebels picked up the win, Lane Kiffin was naturally interviewed for his reaction. And as he often does, his reaction was priceless:

“I don’t know if I’m more excited we found a way to win or that I didn’t get hit with the golf balls they were throwing at me.”

Lane Kiffin remains a legend unfazed by Tennessee’s hatred

As if that line was legendary enough from Kiffin, as he was exiting the stadium, he also one-handed a water bottle being thrown at him like he’s Odell Beckham Jr. and then tossed his visor into the crowd.

I’m already voting that we build Lane Kiffin a statue in Oxford.

Regardless, the ugly scene in Knoxville mars the fact that Kiffin’s Ole Miss team is still just a one-loss group at this point and still could have big aspirations moving forward.

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