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In survival RTS Age of Darkness, thousands of enemies aren’t the only threat


Oct 17, 2021

Time is the most valuable resource in Age of Darkness: Final Stand. RTS magic means the quarries will never run short of iron and stone, and the trees will always have more wood to harvest. But replacing every soldier killed during a careless expansion push means wasting precious seconds that could’ve been spent reinforcing my defenses for the next Death Night.

Like They Are Billions and other defensive strategy games, Age of Darkness only gives you so much time to prepare before thousands of undead Nightmares come crashing against your walls. Here you’re tasked with defending what remains of civilization by building up a stronghold to withstand the Death Nights—floods of undead sent against you every few day/night cycles. Also, there’s a deadly fog, which the Steam page references so many times I feel like someone will be insulted if I don’t mention it. Fog: deadly. That’ll be on the final exam.

(Image credit: Team17)

A freshly started game in survival mode will look familiar to anyone with RTS experience. You have your central keep, a champion unit and a handful of basic troops, and some nearby resources to begin harvesting. But pretty quickly, Age of Darkness begins diverging from the classic formulas.

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