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Dota 2’s newest hero is Marci, the silent sidekick from the anime


Oct 17, 2021

Lots of people have wondered when characters from Dota 2’s animated spinoff Dota: Dragon’s Blood would make their way into the game, and the answer is: Soon. Marci was announced at The International 2021 as the next hero to come to Valve’s MOBA. A trailer with both 2D animation in the style of the show and a transition to Marci’s 3D model was released today.

Marci’s a companion to archer Mirana, something between servant and friend, and rarely says anything—never says anything aloud, at least. She’s quite content to communicate with signs. While Marci at first seems like a simply kind, if insistent, friend, she later reveals some serious strength and a hidden prowess at unarmed combat. Her incredible strength is played both as a joke, and deadly seriously, in the anime.

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