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Botworld Adventures Review – Gotta Build ’em All


Oct 17, 2021

Botworld Adventures is a pretty interesting RPG that takes its cues from Pokemon. Instead of collecting wild animals, though, you’re building up battling robots from the scrap you collect as you adventure. It’s fun, it’s deep enough to keep you engaged, and it’s got more than a little charm as well. 

The game sees you playing as an aspiring botmaster who just received their first battlebot. After a bit of story you set off into the world to fight, scavenge and complete quests. Anyone who’s played an RPG before is going to be familiar with what’s going on here. 

The bot battles take place in little arenas. You choose where to drop the members of your team, and then most of the scrapping is taken out of your hands. You can throw in special moves, which cost energy to use. That energy regenerates as you fight. 

There are different kinds of bots with different kinds of roles. Some are tanks, some are ranged fighters, others dart about the arena mashing anything that gets in their way. You need to build a balanced team, and make sure you’re placing them in the correct positions to get the most out of them. 

You’ll get quests as you play that send you to various locations with various goals. You might need to kill some bots, collect some salvage or meet one of the game’s NPCs. There’s a decent rhythm to play, and it never gets bogged down – there’s always something to go and do. 

As you play you’ll unlock shortcuts to different places on the map, as well as upgrading and toughening up your bots to make them even more powerful. There are plenty of rewards too, and more if you subscribe to the play pass. 

Botworld Adventures is a well put together and entertaining RPG that drifts closer to the midcore category than asking you to dig too deep. It’s a fun way to waste a few hours, and you’re going to enjoy the time you spend with it. 

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