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New World server transfers are delayed yet again


Oct 16, 2021

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: the long-awaited New World server transfer feature has been delayed to next week. Last week we reported that the promised free New World server transfers would be coming this week, but now that’s come and gone Amazon Game Studios has confessed that the feature has been delayed once more.

A quick history recap: Amazon’s MMO New World has been a big success – even Jeff Bezos himself says so – but as a consequence, the game’s servers have been overwhelmed with players. Amazon has since opened up more servers, but those early adopters – in other words, New World’s biggest fans – are currently stuck on packed servers.

Amazon has promised that a free server transfer option would be made available to players, which was initially planned for the first week of October. That was then pushed to last week, and now the team has announced that it’ll totally be next week now, honestly this time.

The New World team says that this was “a balance call between honoring a date we told you to expect, versus the disruption of a deployment during a peak play period”. The developers have been working “non-stop every day” to get the feature up and running but didn’t want to release it around the weekend as it would cause more problems – such as downtime and server balance changes.

The update finishes by sincerely thanking players “for sticking by us through the ups and downtimes”. While New World is now rated “mostly positive” on Steam it still has a lot of problems, such as the full servers and MMO classics like gold farmers and bot accounts, so hopefully server transfers will finally make it this week – remember though, you’ll only get one move for free and it can’t be to another region.

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