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Crapshoot: Rockstar, the game that turned sex, drugs, and rock & roll into a management sim


Oct 16, 2021

From 2010 to 2014 Richard Cobbett wrote Crapshoot, a column about rolling the dice to bring random obscure games back into the light. This week, are you ready to rock? I said ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?! Oh, OK. I’ll come back later. Sorry to have disturbed you.

You’ve got to admire confidence, I suppose. Rockstar, no relation to either the makers of Grand Theft Auto or games with actual music in them, describes itself like this: “THOSE MESMERISING NEW AGE HYPNOTISTS WIZARD GAMES PROUDLY, NO EXTRAVAGANTLY PRESENT FOR YOUR AMUSEMENT AND AMAZEMENT, BEWILDERMENT AND CONFUSION, THEIR LATEST PSYCHADELIC EXTRAVAGANZA: ROCKSTAR!”

Well, one out of four ain’t bad, I guess.

“Welcome to the wonderful world of WIZARD games,” continues the title screen. “You have never seen anything like this before! We don’t waste your money on fancy packaging and glossy advertising… we won’t insult your intelligence with childish graphic challenges…. we just write unique games that you will become addicted to, where nothing is ever the same twice! You are now entering the world of your own imagination, where nothing can be taken for granted….. SO BEWARE!!”

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